Sort Your Life Out Pdf995

Sort your life out pdf995

Of course, not every item on the list will work for every person reading it. Ditch the TV or at least turn if off. An added bonus: less exposure to commercials means less desire to buy stuff, and more money in your pocket.

Sort your life out pdf995

Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read the content online instead, and avoid accumulating a pile of reading material.

Sort your life out pdf995

Read news online, instead of on paper. Opt for multi-functional furniture , so you can satisfy your needs with fewer pieces. Digitize your music.

How to Get Your Life Sorted for 2020 ☀️

Download movies instead of renting DVDs. Put items away immediately after use. It takes a lot less effort than cleaning up piles of stuff later on.

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Have a place for everything. It makes it much easier to find things, and put them away. Clean as you go. Wipe up spills, and take care of little messes before they become big ones.

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make Yourself Happier)

Devise a cleaning routine. Streamline your chores into an ordered set of tasks for maximum efficiency.

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Do laundry in large batches, instead of small ones. Wash towels less often.

Consolidate hobby items in designated containers. That way, all your supplies will be on hand when you need them. If you start a new hobby, drop an out-of-favor one along with its equipment and supplies. Avoid the clutter, and save your money, by channeling your energy and creativity into something more productive.

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Get rid of one item every day. Hang up clothes, or put them in a hamper, as soon as you take them off. Organize your clothes by category. For example, hang all your pants, skirts, or shirts together so you can quickly find what you need. Use containers to corral accessories like jewelry, watches, or scarves, instead of scattering them about.

Choose versatile clothing. Chasing trends is a waste of time and money. Know what flatters you.

Sort your life out pdf995

Embrace your natural hair. Keep makeup as minimal as possible, or go without. Standardize your grooming routine , so you can get ready each morning with a minimum amount of fuss. Avoid unhealthy habits , like smoking, drugs, or drinking in excess. Let your inner beauty shine. A pleasant countenance and radiant smile will make you more beautiful than any cosmetics.

Sort your life out pdf995

Love those leftovers. Cook extra for dinner, and have it for lunch the next day.

Sort your life out pdf995

Plan your meals in advance. Shop with a grocery list. Make one-pot meals , and drastically reduce your after-dinner cleanup. Pare down your dishes, cups, and utensils to what you regularly use. Purge unnecessary gadgets and seldom-used equipment. A large variety of meals can be made with basic pots and implements. Keep your countertops clutter-free.

Develop a set of standard dishes like a pasta, chicken, or tofu dish , and vary the sauces. Stop as much incoming paperwork as possible. Get off mailing lists, cancel catalogs, and sign up for online billing and statements. The less physical mail you have to deal with, the better! Print as little as possible.

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Digitize your paperwork. Backup to the cloud. Use an online storage service, as an alternative to DVDs or an external hard drive.

Pay bills online. Bank online.

Transfer money without going to the bank, or standing in line waiting for a teller. Automate recurring transactions. Automate investments. Set up your brokerage account to buy a fixed dollar amount of a certain investment like an index fund on a regular schedule. Stay out of debt.

Purchase bundled services. Buying telephone, tv, and internet services from the same company reduces your number of bills and likely the amount you have to pay.

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Arrange to work from home at least once or twice a week, to save time and commuting costs. Keep a recycling bin by your front door, and dump junk mail and solicitations without personal information straight in. Sort incoming paperwork immediately. Organize your digital files. Purge your bookmarks regularly. The stuff you found interesting last month, or last week, may be of no use to you today. It can be a huge digital commitment, and a major time sink.

At the very least, limit the time you spend on it. Limit the number of blogs you read. When you subscribe to a new one, drop an old one, so as not to increase your time commitment. Reduce your Twitter time.

Check and answer email during defined periods. Take digital sabbaticals. Disconnecting for a period of time — be it an hour, a day, or a weekend — can be quite liberating! Learn to say no. It can be difficult, but will ensure you have enough time and energy for the stuff that really matters. Give up trying to do everything yourself; get employees to help with projects, and children to help with chores.

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Limit your commitments. Right-size your expectations. When you expect too much of yourself and others, disappointment and stress are often the result. Choose your battles. Go with the flow. Instead of trying to control things, let them happen as they may. Be flexible.

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Forget about perfection. For the vast majority of tasks, good enough is good enough. Fix little problems before they become big ones. A little effort now can save a lot of headaches later. Consolidate your tasks.

Sort your life out pdf995

Consolidate your errands. Plan your visits to the grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, etc. Declutter your To Do list.

Purge any unimportant, unnecessary, or unfulfilling activities. Ask for help or advice. Reaching out to someone with more expertise can often save you hours or days of muddling through on your own.

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