Modern Drummer Festival 2008 Pdf995

Modern drummer festival 2008 pdf995

Modern drummer festival 2008 pdf995

Saturday: Louis Santiago, Jr. Drum Cam options on these two performances allowing you to change camera angles at any point, Play along Features a minus drums mix on two songs, with downloadable drum charts.

Modern drummer festival 2008 pdf995

Discs One and Two feature Saturdays and Sundays incredible performances and Disc Three features full-length, in-depth interviews at pad kits, with detailed discussion and demonstration of drum technique, practice tips and more-an MD Festival DVD first! The Modern Drummer Festival is much more than merely the highlights of the most prestigious, longest-running, largest live drumming event in the world.

The deluxe Modern Drummer Festival DVD package is also an incredible educational resource that provides in-depth insights and exclusive instruction including a printable, page eBook from one of the most musical and musically diverse groups of drummers in the Festivals year history.

Modern drummer festival 2008 pdf995

Two full interview DVDs are an integral part of the complete MD08 package that allow the artists to augment their on-stage performances with back-stage explanations and demonstrations of their concepts, backgrounds, influences, techniques, interpretations and compositions.

Whether viewed before or after the performance discs, the interviews bring new levels of education and value to the entertainment and excitement of the program.

Of course, MD08 also contains extensive, multi-camera coverage of the spectacular drumming that has made the Modern Drummer Festival a must-see event for drummers around the world.

Billy Ward: Modern Drummer Festival 2008

While some players offer solo performances, others play with pre-recorded tracks or live bands during their Festival segments. Your email address will not be published.

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Modern drummer festival 2008 pdf995

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Modern drummer festival 2008 pdf995

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