Mudras For Hair Growth Pdf To Jpg

Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

Why you should practice mudra? Mental health itself comprises of many key things like anger, disturbance, intelligence and emotional balance. Similarly spiritual health has to do with concentration, meditation and peace of mind to be achieved.

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Physical health and fitness is known to all which includes your body health and fitness measures, your body stamina and endurance power. Mudra helps in healing the wounds which may be internal or external, physical or mental, emotional or physiological.

It also helps in achieving great improvements in the health and fitness in all the terms and spheres of life.

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Now this is not the only reasons you should practice mudra and yoga. There are many other reasons as well, like it helps in adding more beauty to your body and life. It can bring miraculous mental, spiritual and physical changes in your body by quickly helping in balancing the elements of the body.

There are some mudras that not only add to your fitness but also make you beautiful. These are easy to practice and do not require that liquid diet plan to lose weight. Best activity for fatty people or for people who want to reduce weight!

Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

Surya Mudra is or sun posture is so called because it helps in increasing the element of fire in your body. If you are confused what does this element means and how are we taking this element in human body, you can learn about the basics of mudra gyaan here The other names of Surya mudra is the Prithvi-shamak mudra. Surya mudra is considered one of the best mudra for losing weight.

This mudra reduces the earth element of the body. Reducing the earth element which is the major or primary element for fat or weight gain ultimately helps in bringing the balance of your body. Looking good and attractive is not connected only with good body shape and figure.

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The glow on your face is an important aspect of your looks and features. This glow comes from within the body and no cosmetics or beauty cream can beat that glow.

This natural glow is makes a person look fresh, confident and fit. Practicing this mudra helps your body relax and free your mind from stress and anxiety that otherwise adds dullness in your life and face.

Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

It relieves you from unnecessary tension and depression. The mudra is basically working on the fire element. Thus this also helps in vision improvement.

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Hence, regular practice of Surya mudra or Prithvi-shamak mudra helps to strengthen weak eyes and improve your vision power as well. Now, for good figure, it is not necessary that we spend long hours in gym or do long hours of workout. Every health problem has solution within our body only. We just need to balance the elements within us and the simplest way of reducing weight and obesity is Surya mudra.

Duration : Surya mudra should be practiced twice or thrice a day, in the morning as well as in evening for 5 to 15 minutes maximum.

SURYA MUDRA | Mudra’s that adds to your Beauty and Health!

Method : It is easy to learn how to do this mudra. Touch the tip of Ring finger to Thumb. Apply only a little pressure with thumb and keep remaining three fingers straight.

Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

You should be sitting while doing this mudra with your legs crossed and your hands out in front of you. This Mudra has many other health benefits also. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

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This mudra is very helpful in raising the metabolism of your body. Thus it is very helpful for those who want to lose weight. Precaution: You should not be practicing this mudra for more time than what is suggested. Otherwise it may lead to undue heating of the body which may result in pimples or acne. You can read about different types of mudra that are practiced to deal with many health issues and ailments here.

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Check out the other mudra gyaan posts and let us know how you got benefited with these mudras. Share your story with us and if you really liked our healthy ideas and tips, do like our facebook page or follow us on twitter. You can share your comments in the below comment section and let us know if you have any doubts or query regarding the health tips. We are always there to guide you in the most natural way and with best healing possible.

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Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

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Mudras for hair growth pdf to jpg

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