Vesda Laser Compact Manual Transmission

Vesda laser compact manual transmission

6 amp 12/24 volt UL listed power supply w 16 PTC out power dist mod & enclosure

TrueAlarm Addressable Smoke Sensor is an initiating device by detecting smoke. TrueAlarm also has False and Nuisance Alarms which can cause expense and time and disturb occupants.

Vesda laser compact manual transmission

The Addressable Sounder base device for smoke or heat detectors is a Digital Communication Analog Sensing system with a switch, sounder base and custom label program LED light showing working status. The Addressable Sounder base has an Intelligent Data Evaluation system to automatically replace the sensitivity in case of dust or dirt occurs at the base.

It can also alert the Dirt and problems automatically.

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The sensitivity can be set to Multi-Stage different sensitivity In each interval according to the program , which the sounder base has a piezoelectric sounder, emits an alarm at 88 dBA at 20mA.

There is a switch for setting the code at the base to specify the device type, device location and can also set Custom Label Per Address. It is designed to protect the lives and property of occupants in the building. The product can alert with Hz noise and broadband tones and also have the option for Sounder Base coupled with CO Sensor as well.

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TrueAlarm Addressable Smoke Sensor is an initiating device. It detects the carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that is not visible to the naked eye and has no odor. The gas is obtained from the incomplete fossil fuel combustion caused from many cases such as cooking area with inefficient ventilation system, etc.

CO sensor is suitable to use in dangerous area, buildings such as hotel, dormitory, hospital and staff accommodation.

Vesda laser compact manual transmission

Addressable Beam Detector is an innovation that combines the efficiency and flexibility in the branch of IDNet Technology, which has features similar to FireRay Optical Beam Smoke Detector, the light detection device suitable for use in open and wide areas or areas where the detector or XAD should not be used because it is expensive and is not suitable for practical use such as warehouses, theater or cinema, show room, seminar room, department store and stadium etc.

One set of devices can be installed with 2 Beam Detector and has a detecting distance of up to meters including self-checking feature and can report its status back to the control panel.

Vesda laser compact manual transmission

Installation, maintenance and settings can be done easily and quickly as well. Is a smoke detection system through the compact air duct. TrueAlarm Duct Sensor is a device that can specify the installed location and can set Custom Label for the installed location.

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TrueALarm Analog Addressable Duct Sensor device o There are environmental compensation properties to replace sensitivity when dirt accumulating in the device. The device can also be set up its sensitivity o Users can read the status testing on the device as well Supporting the magnetic test using magnetic testing in the housing device. It detects smoke via the Aspirated Smoke Detection, which is a very good solution for challenging areas in both installation and service such as pipes or chimneys, as well as difficult access areas such as chimneys, elevators, including areas that are too high to provide services and MRI rooms in a hospital or prison, etc.


Therefore, it can set the installed location as well as the name of the device as needed. In addition, users can also choose to use a single pipe XAD or double pipe XAD which can be placed up to 50 feet Flexible tubing or 82 feet rigid pipe.

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VESDA system uses TrueAlarm analog sensor to send data back to control panel and also be able to report the work status, trouble, filter, airflow blockages or failure.

VESDA technology detects through pipe sampling. Airflow that passes through the pipe will be ultra-fine filtered air flow, which is the airflow that is sucked into the control device through the dual-stage air filter before it can be detected and analyze in the Sensor Chamber.