Troy Bilt Bronco Rototiller Owners Manuals

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals

If a spark arrester is used, it should be maintained in effective working order by the operator. Other states may have similar laws.

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Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your nearest engine authorized service dealer or contact the service department, P. Box Cleveland, Ohio It will help you assemble, prepare and maintain the unit for best performance. Please read and understand what it says. Before you start assembling your new equipment , please locate the model plate on the equipment and copy the information from it in the space provided below. A sample model plate is also given below.

You can locate the model plate by looking at the rear of the tine shield.

Download: Troy Bilt Service Manual.pdf

If you have difficulty assembling this product or have any questions regarding the controls, operation or maintenance of this unit, you can seek help from the experts.

Choose from the options below:. Visit troy-bilt. Click on Customer Support button and you will get the four options reproduced here. Click on the appropriate button and help is immediately available. If you prefer to reach a Customer Support Representative, please call 1 The engine manufacturer is responsible for all engine-related issues with regard to.

Manual performance, power-rating, specifications, warranty and service. This machine meets voluntary safety standard B The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This is a safety alert symbol.

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Manuals

It is used in this manual and on the unit to alert you to potential hazards. When you see this symbol, read and obey the message that follows it. Failure to obey safety messages could result in personal injury or property damage. Figure Tiller features and controls. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the tiller and its engine.

Know how to stop the unit and disengage the controls quickly. Never allow children to operate the tiller. Never allow adults to operate the tiller without proper instruction.

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals

Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly children and pets. Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people, their property, and themselves.

Thoroughly inspect the area where the tiller is to be used and remove all foreign objects.

Super Bronco Garden Tiller | 21D-65M8766

Be sure all tiller controls are released and both wheels are in the Wheel Drive position before starting the engine. Do not operate the tiller without wearing adequate outer garments. Avoid loose garments or jewelry that could get caught in moving parts.

Do not operate the tiller when barefoot or wearing sandals, sneakers, or light footwear.

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals

Wear protective footwear that will improve footing on slippery surfaces. Do not till near underground electric cables, telephone lines, pipes or hoses.

If in doubt, contact your telephone or utility company.

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Warning: Handle fuel with care; it is highly flammable and its vapors are explosive. Take the following precautions:. Store fuel in containers specifically designed for this purpose. The gas cap shall never be removed or fuel added while the engine is running. Allow the engine to cool for several minutes before adding fuel.

Troy-Bilt Super Bronco garden tiller startup and run

Keep matches, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, open flames and sparks away from the fuel tank and fuel container. Fill fuel tank outdoors with extreme care. Never fill fuel tank indoors. Use a funnel or spout to prevent spillage.

If fuel is spilled, do not attempt to start the engine, but move the machine away from the area of spillage and avoid creating any source of ignition until fuel vapors have dissipated.

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Never make adjustments when engine is running unless recommended by manufacturer. Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Exercise extreme caution when on or crossing gravel drives, walks, or roads.

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals

Stay alert for hidden hazards or traffic. After striking a foreign object, stop the engine, remove the wire from the spark plug wire and prevent it from touching the spark plug.

Thoroughly inspect the machine for any damage and repair the damage before restarting and operating the machine.

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals

If the unit should start to vibrate abnormally, stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire and prevent it from touching the spark plug, and check immediately for the cause. Vibration is generally a warning of trouble.

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Stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire and prevent it from touching the spark plug, whenever you leave the operating position, before unclogging the tines, or when making any repairs, adjustments or inspections.

Take all possible precautions when leaving the machine unattended. Stop the engine. Disconnect the spark plug wire and move it away from the spark plug.

Be sure that both wheels are in the Wheel Drive position. Before cleaning, repairing, or inspecting, stop the engine and make certain all moving parts have stopped.

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals

Disconnect the spark plug wire and prevent it from touching the spark plug to prevent accidental starting. The flap on the tine hood must be down when operating the tiller. Never use the tiller unless proper guards, plates, or other safety protective devices are in place. Do not run the engine in an enclosed area.

Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide gas, a deadly poison that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Keep children and pets away. Never operate the tiller under engine power if the wheels are in the Freewheel position. In the Freewheel position, the wheels will not hold the tiller back and the revolving tines could propel the tiller rapidly, possibly causing loss of control.

Download: Troy Bilt Bronco Tiller Manual.pdf

Always engage the wheels with the wheel drive pins in the Wheel Drive position before. Be aware that the tiller may unexpectedly bounce upward or jump forward if the tines should strike extremely hard packed soil, frozen ground, or buried obstacles like large stones, roots, or stumps.

If in doubt about the tilling conditions, always use the following operating precautions to assist you in maintaining control of the tiller:. Walk behind and to one side of the tiller, using one hand on the handle bars Relax your arm, but use a secure hand grip.

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Use shallower depth regulator settings, working gradually deeper with each pass. Clear the tilling area of all large stones, roots or other debris. Avoid using downward pressure on the handlebars. If need be, use slight upward pressure to keep the tines from digging too deeply. Before contacting hard packed soil at the end of a row, reduce engine speed and lift the handlebars to raise the tines out of the soil.

In an emergency, stop the tines and wheels by releasing whichever clutch control is engaged. Do not attempt to restrain the tiller. Never operate the tiller at high transport speeds on hard or slippery surfaces.

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Look behind and use care when backing up. Do not operate the tiller on a slope that is too steep for safety. When on slopes, slow down and make sure you have good footing. Never permit the tiller to freewheel down slopes. Never allow bystanders near the unit. Only use attachments and accessories that are approved by the manufacturer of the tiller.

Use tiller attachments and accessories when recommended. Never operate the tiller without good visibility or light. Never operate the tiller if you are tired; or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

Operators shall not tamper with the en- gine-governor settings on the machine; the governor controls the maximum safe operating speed to protect the engine and all moving parts from damage caused by overspeed.


Authorized service shall be sought if a problem exists. Do not touch engine parts which may be hot from operation. Let parts cool down sufficiently. To load or unload the tiller, see the instructions in Section 4 of this Manual.

Use extreme caution when reversing or pulling the machine towards you. Start the engine carefully according to instructions and with feet well away from the tines.

Troy bilt bronco rototiller owners manuals