Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot C905a Manual Dexterity

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity

Editor's rating : Discuss this product Where to Buy. What's hot: 8. How often have I lamented, and perhaps you too- photo buff, import phone maven, that our US carriers never get the good stuff. The C minus the "a" at the end that indicates it's for the Americas came out several months ago in Europe and Asia, but not here. That's significantly cheaper than the import version which lacks US 3G. WiFi has been disabled those of you who like to flash your ROM will be happy to hear users on the Net have said that they've flashed the Ca with other firmware to bring back WiFi.

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You can still visit YouTube's mobile site and play video to your heart's content more on that later. And you can upload images to HP's Snapfish service directly from the phone's camera app and album. But all isn't doom and gloom. The Ca and the Memoir are currently the only 8 megapixel camera phones offered by US carriers. The Sony Ericsson Ca is a relatively thick phone but not terribly heavy at 4. The build is pure plastic, and the light silver finish does nothing to make the phone look more classy or chic.

By no means does the Ca look or feel like it will fall apart, it's the appearance we're bemoaning. The phone is currently available only in silver and it has a black slide-down keypad. The keypad is flat but ridges between the rows make it easier to blind dial and the keys are large and clicky with good travel. It's easy to dial and text and the keys are backlit in white.

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Both multipress and T9 are supported for text entry and you can enter numbers by pressing and holding the appropriate key rather than switching input modes while texting. We particularly like Sony Ericsson's on-screen preview that shows the next number or character in line for multi-press-- this makes it much easier to select the proper symbol when pressing the "1" key.

The menu icon grid corresponds to the number pad, so you can press 4 to open the first icon on the second row which happens to be the web browser. Sony Ericsson's usual shortcuts are here and you can assign a press of the d-pad when in the home screen up, down, left, right to quick launch the applications of your choosing. The dedicated Activity Manger key also has a series of shortcuts which you can edit, along with web browser bookmarks and an application switcher-- yes the phone multitasks.

Most hardware controls are devoted to camera control, which makes perfect sense given the phone's Cybershot heritage. When in the camera, the d-pad lights in blue to reveal four camera control shortcuts: flash, focus mode, timer and exposure compensation. Two tiny buttons surrounding the earpiece light in blue and become controls for shot mode and scene selection.

Hardware & Performance

Keys on the top when the phone is held in the camera position include playback, switch between photo and video mode and the large also blue backlit shutter button. The volume keys handle digital zoom. You can set the phone to automatically answer a call when the slider is opened on by default , and you can set it to end a call when the slider is closed this is turned off by default. The phone automatically goes into keyguard mode when you close the slider and unlocks when you open it.

You can also turn on automatic key locking.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 - Night black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

The 2. Outdoor visibility is always important, and it's crucial with a high end camera phone-- who wants to guess at what they're shooting? Sony Ericsson states that the display is made of hardened mineral glass that's scratch resistant.

There's an accelerometer that handles screen orientation when in multimedia applications and the web browser. The Ca supports smart-dialing, speed dial and voice dialing via recorded voice tags. Voice dialing with recorded tags is very reliable, though inconvenient since you must first record the tags.

Voice dialing works well with the phone and via Bluetooth headsets. Start voice command by pressing and holding the volume up or down button both work until the on-screen prompt appears. That prompt tells you to wait for the beep before speaking, but as with the Sony Ericsson Wa, we noted that the beep is so soft that you can barely hear it even if the phone is against your ear.

Reception is middle of the road: a bit stronger than the Samsung Eternity but weaker than the Bold and several Nokia phones to be fair, high end Nokia phones have excellent reception. We have no qualms recommending the Ca as an excellent voice phone, but if you live in a marginal 3G coverage area, be warned that the phone will lose 3G and switch to EDGE. The phone's address book can hold up to 1, records with a large selection of fields including email addresses, website, physical address, a variety of phone numbers, birthday, photo caller ID, ringtone, message tone, voice tag and notes.

The Sony Ericsson works well with Bluetooth headsets.

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity

We tested a variety of Bluetooth headsets including the Plantronics Discovery and Jawbone 2 and they had good range and excellent voice quality. The phone also works with A2DP Bluetooth stereo headsets for music playback and voice.

Sony Ericsson C905a Manual / User Guide

It even has a pointer mode like Nokia's S60 webkit based browsers, so you can move around the page with the pointer rather than moving from link to link. If you hate scrolling, there's a smart fit mode that reflows web pages to avoid side-to-side scrolling.

The centerpiece of the Cyber-shot Ca is clearly its camera.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905

The 5. How is it in reality?

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity

In terms of resolution there's little to directly compare the C to in the US other than the Samsung Memoir. We will compare it to the 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus Nokia N series phones since they too live in the realm of high end imaging and are available in the US though not through a carrier.

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity

The Nokia N86 NAM US version isn't available as of this writing, so we can't compare that 8 megapixel shooter, but clearly the Ca wins in the low light arena since it has a Xenon flash while Nokia sadly went with their usual dual LED flash why Nokia has abandoned the much superior Xenon flash, we don't know. We assume you're interested in photography and intend to use your images for a digital album, print or on a website in larger sizes why buy this phone otherwise?

The Sony Ericsson Ca is up to these tasks and takes photos that are suitable for very good 5 x 7 to 8 x 10 prints. With a maximum x resolution, there's plenty of image data to work with, and when resized down just a bit to x pixels, the images look very sharp and natural. Were it not for the lack of optical zoom, a feature generally not found on camera phones, the Ca could replace your point and shoot.

The camera does have 16x digital zoom, but digital zoom degrades image quality.

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The Xenon flash, while not as powerful as that on a dedicated camera, is much more powerful than an LED flash and works well with subjects up to 6 feet away. It's bright enough that if you shoot a light colored or reflective subject 1 or 2 feet away, you'll see some overexposure of highlights in an otherwise very well illuminated picture.

The Xenon flash makes indoor, low light photography possible, and we got remarkably good shots even in very dimly lit rooms. In this respect, it blows away Nokia's LED-flash equipped N series phones which take poor low light photos.

What the Critics Are Saying...

We found it edged out the Samsung Memoir for indoor shots as well, even though the Memoir also sports a Xenon flash. The Cyber-shot's flash images had less noise and better exposure than the Memoir's. Outdoors in mid-level natural lighting, from cloudy to early evening shots, the camera also did very well with proper exposure, pleasing color saturation and natural colors. The only thing that baffles the camera's metering are extremely bright, contrasty shots.

Sony Ericsson CDX-M620 User Manual

This might not be a problem in rainy Seattle or in the north east, but here in Texas where the sun is brutally strong and the skies clear, the camera over-exposed highlights. Changing scene settings didn't do much nor did using the smart contrast setting which just seems to apply some post-processing just after the shot is taken.

Adjusting the exposure a quick setting available on the d-pad to drop down up to -1EV helped. There' s no manual ISO setting, but the camera does select good values: bright outdoor shots are taken at ISO 64, indoor shots with flash are taken at ISO and indoor shots with the flash turned off are taken at ISO We found auto did the trick in most cases.

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity

Focusing modes are auto, macro, infinity for landscapes and face detection the camera detects up to 3 faces and focuses on them. It did a good job of focusing macro shots even when set to auto and portraits were sharp even without face detection busy backgrounds and multiple faces do better with face detection.

True landscape nature shots of wide open spaces, be it a large backyard or golf course with no mid-points of focus, could sometimes be sharper.

We found that the Samsung Memoir did a better job of taking sharp nature landscape shots. This wasn't a problem in urban locations, city streets and outdoor shopping areas because there are many points of focus. Images at max resolution average 1. Get a large Memory Stick Micro M2 card if you plan to takes lots of snaps.


Just as we moan about Nokia and their fear of Xenon flashes, we wonder why Sony Ericsson just can't cough up a Cyber-shot that takes VGA resolution video at 30fps. The camera has settings for image stabilization which doesn't seem to degrade image quality , shutter sounds, save location, metering spot and average center weighted , white balance, night mode, resolution, geotagging, flash auto, off and red eye reduction and BestPic it takes a series of shots instead of one and you can save the best or all of the shots.

It takes about 2 seconds to launch the camera application from standby and about 1 second to focus and shoot a photo. If you've got a Sony Ericsson Ki and are thinking of upgrading: yes the Cyber-shot Ca takes noticeably better shots and better video though video clearly isn't a strong point for either camera phone.

Images are sharper with more detail and there's less noise indoors. Likewise, the Ca beats the venerable Nokia N95 in terms of sharpness and noise, especially for low light shots.

For outdoor well lit photos, it's a closer call with the Nokia N That phone takes excellent shots, albeit with few pixels for large prints, but the N97 can't come close for low light shots. As with the Memoir, the N97's large touch screen fades in sun, making it hard to see your shot.

Below: sample photos taken at 8MP resolution with auto settings and resized to fit this page.

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Click on an image to see a larger version in a new window. Desktop syncing, once the purview of smartphones , is now available on a variety of feature phones. Sony Ericsson jumped on the syncing bandwagon early on with their version of PC Suite and they also produce iSync plugins for several of their phones.

Both PC Suite and the iSync plugin are available for free from Sony Ericsson's web site but are not included on the companion CD that has only the PDF manual and an interactive, multimedia-based tutorial. You can also print directly from the phone via USB and Bluetooth.

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity

Most of these apps are tucked away under the applications listing in Tools and Apps, so they don't clutter up the user interface. The music player is full featured and it automatically updates your library when you add tunes to an M2 card or internal memory.

The video player can play in full screen, landscape mode and we threw a variety of MPEG4 videos in iPhone-friendly format at the player and it did an excellent job with good sound and no apparent frame drops.

The bottom firing speaker sounds surprisingly good and it's loud just don't cover the speaker with your hand. CV looks great on the Ca thanks to good data speeds and that crystal-sharp display. The GPS gets a fix quickly outdoors, but couldn't manage a fix indoors.

It takes about 5 minutes for the GPS to settle down-- we noticed that it would lose the fix for just a second, resulting in the dreaded TeleNav "make a legal U-turn" command which it reneged on as soon as it had uttered the command.

Sony ericsson cyber shot c905a manual dexterity