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The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Bought this unit used from a ham on QRZ. Pricey for this unit but I love it. Even after 20 years it is still a great DSP for ssb,cw and now digital modes. Time Owned: more than 12 months. It has a good notch filter easily takes out those "tuner-uppers" and the noise reduction and dynamic peak controls will help tame those static crashes.

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I'm pleasantly surprised. I own 3 own these DSP units and have been very pleased with them. I would highly recommend this unit in spite of their age.

Charlie W5VIN.

Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. I recently needed a second unit and started looking at reviews here on eham. Noticing the good reviews that the NIR got and the multiple controls available to tailor it compared to the Clearspeech that has no controls, made me think that this must be good.

I also read the QST reviews from July and the user manual. If you use other modes your experience might be totally different. Anyway I quickly found out that the unit was virtually useless to me in a situation where you might be listening to a net or contest.

You could actually get it to perform somewhat like the ClearSpeech if you had just one signal to deal with - but with multiple signals, one person would sound good and you have adjust the unit when the next station shows up with a different signal level. If you crank the NR up where it really starts to work, it starts to pump.

The JPS unit is built like a tank which is why I gave it a 3 instead of a 2 and nicely finished and seems to well planned user interface for experimentation but the performance for noise reduction on SSB is poor compared to the ClearSpeech.

Also note that the audio delay is significantly longer compared to the delay on the ClearSpeech - but that is just a comment that is neither positive or negative. After having a great dissapointment with the timewave DSP I wanted to take a shot at this one.

I had read many people stating it really helped in SSB, much more than the , and it was all true. This is what I was looking for. A DSP that helps get modulation out of a lot of noise, make me understand the other person, and keeps a good, not robotic voice.

This DSP is as good as everyone says, if not better.

A keeper. I recently picked up a used NIR I have been using a Timewave zx with the newest firmware, which I bought new a year and a half ago.

I liked the performance of the on CW and the control panel and LCD screen, but on SSB it was not very effective - so I was still looking I have a slight hearing loss, and the background noise really hurts understandability.

I am not an engineer or technician, but simply a ham operator with no interest in either company. Of course, these are my opinions, based upon owning and using both units - other people may come to different conclusions.

I could not believe the performance of the NIR -it is terrific!

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Although the sound quality is like a cell phone so don't bother with a Sweet Sounds speaker , it is much improved over the background noise on 17 meters that comes up from time-to-time. So let me give my opinion about the NIR with some comparisons to the Yet the SSB performance where one would expect more instructions per second would help of the is not very good compared to the NIR This kind of stuff really turns me off - Timewave should not be expected to champion JPS equipment, but the impression I got from the Timewave website, was that the NIR was a cheaply made unit - simply not the case.

In fact, the knobs and push-buttons on the NIR have a much more solid feel than the In fact, in all modes, I think it is much more effective than the zx. It is much easier to adjust the aggressiveness of the DSP filter - just turn a knob.

Jps snv 12 voter manual muscle

With the , you have to push two buttons to get into a menu, then adjust the aggressiveness. On CW, you can open up the bandwidth very easily, on the , if you can, it would be by creating a user-created filter and saving that to memory. On the , I find myself going from CW, back to voice to get a wider bandwidth for scanning the band. So in general, I feel that in use, the NIR is simpler to use.

I found that my NIR unit has a much broader range, i. Another inconvenience is that the headphones must be unplugged to listen through the speaker - there should have been a switch on the , one can have both headphones and speaker, or select either one by front-panel switch - very convenient.

There is no front panel switch to bypass the DSP unit without turning it off, like the All in all, I think the NIR outperforms the quite easily. Other pluses with the NIR are that it can be used to process transmit audio, and there is direct access albeit, inside the case to the DSP unit through a RS port, where one can design and test other DSP algorithms.

The , has a very nice interface front panel , with an LCD screen. I am only going to discuss my impression of its performance relative to the NIR, not a full blown discussion of the itself because it is so versatile, one must read the well-written manual.

The downside is that one must go into menus. Finally, it has a morse code oscillator, and test instrument functions - audio milli-voltmeter, sine wave generator, and much more - it is a Swiss army knife of DSP stuff. The best thing about the , I think, is the AGC - this is really effective, and does quite a bit for my , will add about 15 db of gain to low signals.

It has two channels, and can share one speaker with two rigs - so it can streamline your equipment profile.

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It has separate tunable high and low pass filters - the NIR has one knob continuously variable from to hz. It has multiple tunable notch filters - the NIR has one - either on or off but it is very effective. Am I going to dump the ? Absolutely not.

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It is slightly more versatile on CW, and it has those test equipment functions. But bottom line, when all I want is very effective, straightforward DSP, the NIR is my first choice, and only choice when I specifically want voice operation. I went thru many different models and brands before ending up with the NIR A good 2nd choice is the NIR You can see on my website that the NIR is still being used with my FT, and probably will be used with any new radio that come into my shack!

It did all this very well. Like most DSP, outboard and internal, there is a bit of a learning curve, but the effort is worth it. The unit is more helpful for DXing than for contesting because of the time necessary to extract weak signals from the noise. Unfortunately a fall thunderstorm a couple years ago laid waste to much of my shack--including the NIR, and I no longer have it. To send this review to a friend, complete the form below.

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