54 Km Au Lieu De-5000 Lcr Meter Manual

Allows for 4-Wire Kelvin Measurement to factor out impedance of test leads. Small problem and fix of eevblog user with it's recent deree source.

When I received it, it would not turn on with the power button. I discovered that if I removed the battery and put it back in it powered up immediately, and seemed to work properly.

When I pushed the power button to turn it off it said it was switching off, but would not turn on again. I felt that after waiting a month for delivery that sending it back to Japan for a problem like this was out of the question, so I decided to fix it.

I found a fragment of the power circuit schematic I think it was a jpg here on EEVblog, but I can no longer find it.

Review of DER EE DE-5000 LCR Meter

Anyway, Q14 was shorted so the power was never actually getting switched off. I assume the processor was just sitting in a tight loop waiting for death so it could be resurrected when the power came back up.

User Manual pdf.