Speech Therapy For Cleft Lip And Palate Pdf995

Speech therapy for cleft lip and palate pdf995

Emergency Dental Care Mouth Guard. Cleft lip and cleft palate are among the most common congenital disabilities. This condition occurs due to abnormal development in the womb. These structural problems are often fixed with surgery, as early as possible. But even with surgery, speech therapy is still often needed to help the child produce speech sounds clearly.

Speech-language therapy helps the kids improve speech, understand and use language, and communicate in non-verbal ways. Speech-language pathologists or speech therapists treat many types of communication and swallowing problems.

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This article will address issues related to speech in children with cleft palate and how to correct it. A cleft palate is a split or opening in the roof of the mouth. A cleft palate can involve the hard palate the bony front portion of the roof of the mouth , and the soft palate the soft back portion of the roof of the mouth. To speak, you build up air pressure in your mouth, and to create specific sounds, you touch your tongue to various oral structures- including the roof of the mouth or palate.

In children with cleft palate, air escapes into the nasal passages, making it challenging to build up pressure.

Cleft Lip and Palate

Children born with a cleft palate may need speech-language therapy to help with problems such as —. A resonance disorder refers to an unusual amount of nasal sound energy when the child is talking, which can result in —. All children with a history of cleft palate are different and should be treated as such. No one treatment plan will adequately serve each child with this condition.

The following are some general goals that should be considered: 1 2. SLPs should teach parents how to encourage good speech habits and recognize the development of bad speech habits. Most experts recommend cleft palate repair at months. Speech therapy can begin as early as two weeks following surgery if the patient feels well, and the surgeon agrees. In this age group, the patient should be evaluated by the SLP regarding a need for further speech therapy.

Children in this age group are very receptive to learning new language skills, making this an ideal period for parents and SLPs to insure good language habits. After evaluation by an SLP, speech therapy should be initiated if multiple compensatory articulation errors are noted. In this age group, language skill development becomes more difficult, as the prime period of speech development has passed. While many patients will have corrected speech issues by this stage, others require on-going support, especially those who have had cleft palate repair at a later age.

When therapy is required for school-age children, it is usually for correction of any articulation errors from velopharyngeal insufficiency or dental malocclusions. A speech and language therapist will usually carry out an initial assessment at around months, followed by a further evaluation once the child is about three years old.

Speech therapy for cleft lip and palate pdf995

Speech therapy for cleft palate can include the use of appliances, fun games, exercises, and drills. Another method of treatment may be to teach the child how to distinguish air passing through the nose from air passing through the mouth.

Speech therapists also teach children articulation drills to practice making sounds correctly. It is a crucial first step toward correcting speech patterns.

Speech therapy for cleft lip and palate pdf995

The child must first learn to distinguish between standard speech and nasalized sounds. A plosive is a sound that is produced when a speech structure obstructs the vocal tract.

Speech Problems With Cleft Palate & Its Treatment

Children with cleft palate produce nasalized plosives even after surgical treatment. It typically occurs when they improperly position the tongue.

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The SLP may have the child yawn to push the back of the tongue down. A pharyngeal plosive is produced when the base of the tongue moves backward against the pharynx.

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If they have trouble with this, a tongue blade may be used to press the tip of the tongue downward as the SLP pushes upward under the chin. A dorsal palatal production may result in a lateral lisp.

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They can often occur due to malocclusion of the teeth. The SLP has the child bite down on a tongue blade, positioned in a way as to press down the tongue. A cleft palate is one of the most treatable conditions for newborns.

What does Speech and Language Therapy Involve?

Cleft palate speech therapy helps eliminate potential problems so that your child grows up speaking clearly and confidently. In partnership with parents, speech therapists help children with cleft palate express themselves in the same way as their peers. Cleft palate speech therapy offers a bright, confident future for children with this condition. Affiliate Disclosure : This article may contain affiliate links.

Module 3.2- Cleft Palate Speech and Feeding: Cleft Palate Speech Therapy Strategies

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Overview of Speech Therapy for Children with Cleft Palate

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Speech therapy for cleft lip and palate pdf995

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Speech therapy for cleft lip and palate pdf995

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