Vlookup Function In Excel With Example Pdf Doc

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

The tutorial shows how to use VLOOKUP in Excel with many examples, explains how to Vlookup from another sheet and different workbook, search with wildcards, and a lot more.

This article begins a series covering VLOOKUP, one of the most useful Excel functions and at the same time one of the most intricate and least understood. We will try to explain the basics in a very plain language to make the learning curve for an inexperienced user as easy as possible.

Excel VLOOKUP function - syntax and basic uses

To begin with, it is an Excel function : What does it do? It searches for the value you specify and returns a matching value from another column. More technically, the VLOOKUP function looks up a value in the first column of a given range and returns a value in the same row from another column. In its common usage, Excel VLOOKUP searches through your data set based on the unique identifier and brings you a piece of information associated with that unique identifier.

As you see, the function has 4 arguments - the first three are requited and the last one is optional. At this point, we can only say that the formula obviously looks up the word "lion". So, you can now read the above formula a little further: search for "lion" in the range A2:A6 because A is the 1st column in our table array.

So far, so good, right? The counting starts from the leftmost column in the table array, which is 1. Meaning, our sample formula will return a matching value from column B, which is 2nd in the table array. If an exact match is not found, the formula searches for the closest match, i. FALSE - exact match.

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

The formula searches for a value exactly equal to the lookup value. Knowing all the arguments, you should now have no problem reading the whole formula: search for "lion" in A2:A6, find an exact match, and return a value from column B in the same row:.

VLOOKUP formula examples

For the sake of convenience, you can type the value of interest in some cell, say E1, replace the "hardcoded" text with the cell reference, and get the formula to look up any value you input in E When the formula gets copied down the column, the reference will adjust automatically for each row. To see how it works in practice, please consider the following example.

To our sample table, we have added one more column that ranks the animals by speed column A and want to find the 1 st , 5 th and 10 th fastest sprinter in the world. For this, enter the lookup ranks in some cells E2:E4 in the screenshot below , and use the following formulas:. Enter the above formulas in cells F2 and G2, select those cells, and drag the formulas to the below rows:.

Excel VLOOKUP – Massive Guide with 8 Examples

If you investigate the formula in a lower row, you will notice that the lookup value reference has adjusted for that specific row, while the table array is locked:. Below, you will have a few more useful tips that will save you a lot of headache and troubleshooting time.

I hope vertical lookup is starting to look a bit more familiar to you. Most often you will have to pull matching data from a different worksheet.

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

For example, to Vlookup in the range A2:B10 on Sheet2, use this formula:. Of course, you don't have to type the sheet's name manually.

For instance, this is how you can look up the A2 value in the range A2:A9 on the Prices worksheet and return a matching value from column C:. To Vlookup from a different Excel workbook, put the workbook's name enclosed in square brackets before the worksheet's name. If either a workbook name or worksheet name contains spaces or non-alphabetical characters, you should enclose them in single quotes like this:. The result will look somewhat like the screenshot below:.

Once you close the file with your lookup table, the VLOOKUP formula will continue working, but it will now display the full path for the closed workbook:. For the detailed steps, please see How to name a range in Excel.

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

And now, we can Vlookup with this compact formula:. If the named range is in another workbook , put the workbook's name before the range name, for example:.

Such formulas are far more understandable, aren't they? Besides, using named ranges can be a good alternative to absolute references. Since a named range doesn't change, you can be sure that your table array will remain locked no matter where the formula is moved or copied. Table references, also called structured references , are resilient and immune to many data manipulations. For instance, you can remove or add new rows to your lookup table without worrying about updating the references.

Suppose you want to find a certain customer in the below database.

10 Vlookup Excel Template

You do not remember the surname, but you are confident that it starts with "ack". To retrieve the license key from column B, use this one the difference is only in the column index number :. You can also enter the known part of the name in some cell, say E1, and combine the wildcard character with the cell reference:. The below screenshot shows the results:. To find a value that contains a given character s in any position, put an ampersand before and after the cell reference.

Let's say, you wish to get a name corresponding to a certain license key, but you don't know the whole key, only a few characters. With the keys in column A, names in column B, and part of the target key in E1, you can do a wildcard Vlookup in this way:. If two or more matches are found, the 1st one is returned.

Excel VLOOKUP Function

More precisely, it searches for an exact match first, and if an exact match is not found, looks for the next largest value that is less than the lookup value.

The following examples will help you better understand the difference between an exact match and approximate match Vlookup and when each formula is best to be used. For this example, let's take the animal speed table, swap the columns, and try to find the animals that can run 80, 50 and 30 miles per hour. With the lookup values in D2, D3 and D4, enter the below formula in E2, and then copy it down to two more cells:.

As you can see, the formula returns "Lion" in E3 because they run exactly 50 per hour. Sorting the lookup column is very important because the VLOOKUP function stops searching as soon as it finds a close match smaller than the lookup value.

How to get started

Extra bonus! In the next part of our tutorial, we will discuss advanced VLOOKUP examples that will teach you how to Vlookup multiple criteria, return all matches or Nth occurrence, look up across multiple sheets with a single formula, and more.

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I thank you for reading and hope to see you next week! I knew there had to be a way to look up one cell and then return a neighboring cell, and I found it here. Thank you so much for this simple tutorial, it saved me a ton of time!

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And finally, remember about the importance of the last parameter. I can see great courtesy. I learn such 'open-mind' nature from people like u I can't get my Vlookup to work. I used the same formula last year with no issues.

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I have excel Check the format of each column being used in your Vlookup. I am trying to reference another spreadsheet with the name of customers in Column B and needing to reference their spending which is located in column D and divide column D by 4.

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Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry, it is not very clear what result you want to get. Could you please describe your task in more detail and send us a small sample workbook with the source data and expected result to support ablebits.

Excel 2016 - VLOOKUP Excel 2016 Tutorial - How To Use and Do VLookup Formula Function in Office 365

So I need to run a report where I need to count up how many times an item shows up across 12 different sheets each sheet is a month of data. Is there a way to use vlookup to look in an entire workbook without having to input every worksheet name in the formula?

First you need to create a range containing the names of the relevant sheets, and then use the following formula:.

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

How do I identify records from one worksheet A which is not in worksheet B and then copy only those record from A to B which is not in B. Please help.

Your wildcard examples work on no data, but the exact values you used in your example. It should find "Coyote" and return the speed but it does not.

VLOOKUP function

I cannot figure out what is going wrong. My data is in 3 columns Employee,Reg. Below is the current formula:.

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

I have to register daily sales details, for example Raju sales in rupees Rs. You may do with helper column which you will put serial number to make each unique then the lookup formular will use those unique ref to pull their respective sales. Big thanks to Microsoft for inventing vlookup function. As a Senior manager I rely on this, not my staff. They all leave me. They hate me. If the unique identifiers is repeated a few time in the table for example "Product1" appears three times and I would like the corresponding data or all three times it appears, may I know how it can be done.

Excel VLOOKUP tutorial for beginners with formula examples

The three corresponding data is text and should appear on three different lines. Thanks for your help. A few formula examples can be found here: How to Vlookup multiple matches in Excel. How would I use vlookup formula to access various files - ie I want the user to enter in the file name into a cell A1 and the various VLOOKUP formulas would use the A1 text to feed into the external file reference.

Vlookup function in excel with example pdf doc

And in this case the A1 is a cell reference in the same worksheet; and then the user could get the various info without editing every formula. Hope you will find it useful :. H33 I have four formulas that are similar but only one doesn't calculate total please help. Select your entire spreadsheet, do a copy paste, next do a copy paste special and choose Values.

Once you do this the exact number and not the formula will paste to your spreadsheet.