World Book Day Fancy Dress Homemade Pancake

World book day fancy dress homemade pancake

World Book Day is recognised by over countries around the world. It will next be celebrated on 5th March and its purpose is to encourage reading and a love of books in children.

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Your child's school may well be holding a World Book Day event or fancy dress day, but it is also a great excuse to get involved at home. We've pulled together all of our Books and Reading resources here, and added a few new ones, to get you started. Reading Certificates. Reading Logs. Can you come up with a book themed word for each letter of the alphabet? Here's our book alphabet challenge page to print and distribute. Here's a simple picture of a story book for kids to print and colour in.

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Just click the link below for our printable version. This book frame can be used in many ways, and comes in three varieties: blank, one side lined and the other left unlined for a picture, and both sides lines.

Use it as a writing or drawing frame, for book reports, for notices on the board, or even as story paper What are all these book-related words? This book vocabularly worksheets asks children to describe them. Here's a fun way to keep a reading list!

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Just get the kids to write the names of the books and maybe the authors on the spines and covers on the picture. Perhaps they could colour in each book as they read it? Print and cut out the different sizes of books, then ask the kids to sort them by size.

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Laminate the books if you want to reuse them again. Do you create a reading list for your children? If so this is the planner for you.

World Book Day

Alternatively use it to encourage children to choose their own books. It would be helpful for listing books to read for a project or to make a list of those to reserve from the library. Children can trace the dotted lines of these books - quite tricky as there are lots of straight lines involved! Younger children could trace within the channel formed by the double lines instead. These colouring bookmarks are chunky and fun, depicting a bookshelf full of adult books for the kids to colour in and perfect for them to give a favourite adult as a little gift Here's a bookshelf full of children's books, spines outward - and it makes a really fun bookmarks for the kids to colour in and use themselves or gift to friends or siblings!

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Here's a fun bookshelf full of cookery books for the kids to colour in - and it makes a perfect little gift for them to give to any favourite adult cooks, especially with a nice message on the back! These bookmarks are quick to print and cut out and they look particularly nice if you use a punch to curve the corners and then laminate them. Perfect for any occasion, really - National Libraries Day, World Book Day, reading incentives or rewards in the classroom etc.

These lovely colouring bookmarks are sure to go down well with the kids! Print onto card and cut out in advance, then hand them out to be coloured in.

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Libraries could leave a stack out ready to be coloured. We have a pre-coloured version too, here. It looks like these kids have some reading to do! Colour them in - and maybe write the names of your favourite books on the spines too?

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This lovely bright printable poster will brighten up the classroom, library or nursery, and hopefully remind children of how much fun it is to read books! You could even write your favourite titles on the spines with a fine tipped pen. Encouraging your child to read a wide variety of books is probably the best education you can give them - but sometimes it seems an uphill struggle! We have put together a collection of tips and tricks to encourage reading which may give you some ideas.

World book day fancy dress homemade pancake

This lovely quote by Julia Donaldson all about books and libraries is perfect for displaying in a reading corner or school library.

Coming up with one word for each letter of the alphabet, all to do with the library, isn't going to be easy! Print out our library alphabet challenge and give it a go Available in either colour or black and white, this library books tracker will keep the family organised - and it looks great out on display, too.

The colour version is best printed with your printer's borderless settings. These library colouring bookmarks can be used for the public library or the school library. Why not cut them out in advance and put a stack out, ready for the kids to colour in?

Every bookmark needs a book to put it in You don't have to guess where these children are coming from - the library! They each have a good stack of books to read which will keep them busy for a while, as we hope this colouring page will do for your children!

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You might display this lovely colourful library poster at school or at home to remind kids to go to the library - or in the library itself! It prints best using your printer's borderless settings. Our library scavenger hunt is a brilliant way to get the kids involved at the library and help them discover everything that's on offer. Print a page for each child, give them a pencil, and off they go! Hunt through our fun library word search puzzle to find the library-themed words!

There's a picture for the kids to colour in too, if they like. There's much more to working in a library than just handing out books. Can the children find out more about the job of a librarian, and write about it here? Ask the kids to draw one of their favourite book characters into each of the gallery windows on this fun activity - perhaps for World Book Day , or National Libraries Day?

World book day fancy dress homemade pancake

Make a list of your favourite books and sign and date it. It will be fun to look back on in the future. Why not update the list once a year, on your birthday or World Book Day, perhaps?

Ask the children to choose five of their favourite books and illustrate them for this picture gallery printable.

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This might make a good end-of-summer-holiday activity. Bright and cheerful, with quotes to inspire reading, these printable bookmarks would make a great gift. A little girl enjoys reading a story with her Grandma in this pretty colouring page. Why not send it to Grandma with a letter or a note on the back? Print out as many copies of the worm as you need.

Write words in each of the segments 10 per worm for your child to learn. As he becomes confident with each word, he can colour it in.

Do you know anybody who loves books? Then this is the card to give them - and they will love it even more because of the effort gone in to colouring it. Here's a colouring page for all you book lovers out there - and that makes it one for me, too. We've left a border around it so that you can treat it as a print and frame it when done.

This story paper is the story of my life!

World book day fancy dress homemade pancake

It's a fun one for the kids to colour in and use for a writing activity. Perhaps they could record a list of books they want to read? Or you could use it to send a letter to a book loving friend There are lots of different types of story genres hidden in this word search.

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Can you find them all? Here's a cute story time poster to display in your story corner or bring out when it is story time. Ask young children what they like most about school, and many will answer story time!

Here's some story time story paper that they can use to write about it, or to make up a story Choose from the download links below depending on which version you prefer.

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This colouring page shows the best part of the school day - when teacher gets out a story and reads to the children! Here's a lovely colouring page of a peaceful story time scene in the classroom.

There's lots of detail to make it interesting to colour in. Even in this digital age there are many of us who love a good book - and who love colouring in, too! Print this card and colour it in for someone special.

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This lovely colouring page, designed for older children and adults, will strike a chord with all us book lovers! We've left a border around the outside so that you can frame it if you wish, once coloured in. Perfect for a library colouring page, perhaps?

We love books, and we love the heart shape of this pretty book too! We thought it was the perfect backdrop to this lovely quote by Ernest Hemingway: "There is no friend as loyal as a book".

World book day fancy dress homemade pancake

The poster is best printed using your printer's borderless settings. We thought it would be fun to make a colouring page that reminded children that it's time to visit the library - so here it is! We have a poster, too. If your kids love to visit the library, they won't need this poster. If, however, they need a little prompting that it's time to visit the library - here's the poster for them!

World book day fancy dress homemade pancake