Witcher Book Series In Order

Witcher book series in order

US cover of The Last Wish , the first book in the series.

Publication Order of Witcher Books

UK cover of Blood of Elves , the first Witcher novel. The books have been adapted into a movie and two television series The Hexer and Netflix's The Witcher , a video game series The Witcher , a comic book and others. Note: For books not yet translated into English, approximate translations are given in parentheses. The Witcher series started as a series of short stories, at first published in Fantastyka , a Polish science fiction and fantasy magazine.

The second short story collection to be published was Sword of Destiny.

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Although new short stories were added in The Last Wish , they took place before the ones in S word of Destiny. The rest of the stories in this book are not connected to the Witcher series in any way. Gollancz decided to skip Sword of Destiny , the second short story collection, and publish Blood of Elves , the first novel in the Witcher Saga in the United Kingdom directly after The Last Wish , even though the short stories in this collection take place earlier and introduce some of the characters that become major characters in the novels.

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Blood of Elves was published in by Orbit in the United States. The English translation preferred by Andrzej Sapkowski was initially "hexer" and is the name used in the international version of the film adaptation.

Henry Cavill as Geralt

However, CD Projekt chose to translate it to "witcher" in The Witcher , and this version was subsequently used by Danusia Stok in her translation of the book The Last Wish , as well as by Sapkowski himself in the book Historia i fantastyka. Both short stories and novels are widely claimed by fans to be blockbusters of Polish fantasy.

Geralt's stories are praised for their slightly ironic sense of humor and subtle links to modern culture e. Moreover, quite contrary to the classical fantasy scheme, there is no black-white partitioning. On the other hand, Geralt's world is not a typical dark-fantasy. Sapkowski tries to emphasize the scale of grays in everyone e.

Witcher book series in order

The Blood of Elves series proper consists of the five novels about Geralt, in which Sapkowski links together the plotlines begun in the short stories, and adds new ones.

Apart from Geralt himself, another central character is Princess Ciri. Their story is set against the background of the struggle of the Northern Kingdoms against the Nilfgaardian Empire.

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They are:. In , two-issue miniseries titled Reasons of State was published by Egmont.

Witcher book series in order

It was not based on any of the novels or short stories but contained new adventures of Geralt. In , a new series of comic books, written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Joe Querio and published by Dark Horse Comics was started.

While the first storyline, House of Glass , is an original story, the second one, Fox Children , is an adaptation of one of the chapters of Andrzej Sapkowski's Season of Storms novel. Third, called Curse of Crows is an original story continuing The Witcher 3. The film was essentially the then-unreleased TV series chopped into about 2 hours, and received very poor reviews from both fans and critics.

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The episode TV series came out the following year. The series was much more coherent than the confusing movie, but was still considered a failure. The TV series has been unofficially released with English subtitles on the Internet. It was advertised far more than its predecessor, and although it was CD Projekt 's first game, it was received very well by reviewers in both the EU and the US, and was considered very successful.

Witcher book series in order

CD Projekt utilized the large gap between the graphical capabilities of high-end PC hardware and the then current generation of consoles to provide a gaming experience beyond what consoles could support at the time. The computer game's plot is set 5 years after the end of Lady of the Lake the last book of the series. Sign In Don't have an account?

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