What Is The Next Percy Jackson Book Called After The Last Olympian

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

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It is the fifth and final installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This conclusion to the saga revolves around Percy Jackson , the son of Poseidon , as he leads his friends in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus and the rest of the world from Kronos and his army of titans and monsters.

There, Rachel reveals that her father is trying to get her to go to a finishing school, Clarion Ladies Academy , that she does not want to go to. She asks if Percy has decided whether he would go with her and her family for vacation or not. Beckendorf announces that it is time for them to take out the Princess Andromeda. Rachel Elizabeth Dare.


Rachel kisses Percy and wishes him good luck. The two demigods then leave. In good humor, Beckendorf states that the kiss might be better left a secret to Annabeth Chase to which Percy agrees.

The Last Olympian

The two see the ship and sneak onto it. A telkhine sees them, but is killed before he sounded the alarm. They then set Greek fire explosives in the engine room. Percy leaves the room to distract the monsters on the ship, telling Beckendorf to meet him at the air pad. Percy is captured and brought before Luke, who is now housing Kronos from the events of The Battle of the Labyrinth. The Titan duels Percy for the fun of it, and he mentions a spy in camp.

A few minutes later, Beckendorf appears.

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It is revealed that all the other explosives are already in place and there would be no time to escape the ship once they explode. This is realized by the enemy forces a moment too late as Beckendorf had made it look like he was only about to plant the bombs when he got captured. He silently convinces Percy to flee, but Percy refuses to leave him behind.

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

Beckendorf moves to detonate the bomb, leaving Percy no choice but to escape the ship. He jumps off and wills the currents to speed him away. The ship explodes, and Percy blacks out, thinking only of Beckendorf.

Percy dreams as he drifts unconscious through the ocean. His dream takes place on Mount Othrys during a conversation between Krios and Hyperion. The two Titans talk of their plans to destroy Mount Olympus. After they conclude their conversation, the scene shifts. Percy sees Nico di Angelo eavesdropping on the Titans as well. Percy realizes that he is in Poseidon 's kingdom and is being tended to by his half-brother, Tyson. Tyson then leads Percy to Poseidon's throne room, where he meets Poseidon's wife and godly son, Amphitrite and Triton , respectively.

Poseidon then informs Percy that he is battling Oceanus. Before he sends Percy on his way, he states that Percy must return to Camp Half-Blood to fulfill the rest of the prophecy.

Chiron asks Percy and Annabeth to retrieve the prophecy from the Oracle. When the two return, they find the war council in a state of chaos.

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Percy then proceeds to read the prophecy — which everyone now concludes to be about him — and realizes that no matter whose side he chooses to fight on, he will inevitably die. The other counselors realize this too, and sympathize with Percy. He brushes this aside and moves on to another matter: a spy in camp that Kronos had mentioned. Through Iris-message, Chiron then shows them that the finally free Typhon has been making his way toward an unguarded Olympus, even with the gods trying to stop him.

The night following the meeting, Percy dreams of Rachel. In his dream, Rachel looks over two photos she has recently drawn.

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

The first is a picture of Luke when he was younger, and the second is a picture of Mount Olympus surrounded by lightning and figures wielding weapons. The next day, Percy and Annabeth review the camp's cabins and the reports sent into the camp.

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

Percy then reveals that Grover Underwood has disappeared without a trace and that their empathy link is weakening. Annabeth tells him that the source of the fight between the Apollo and Ares cabins is a chariot that the Apollo campers took in a raid that the Ares campers led.

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

Needing a break, Percy wanders to the training arena to visit Ms. O'Leary , his hellhound. When he arrives there, Ms. O'Leary runs into the forest, causing Percy to chase after her.

He follows her to the clearing where the Lords of the Wild hold their meetings. Leneus initially refuses to help Grover, but is forced to by Percy. Nico tells him that he could have the same advantage. Percy hesitates, but Nico insists very fiercely, which is unlike him. Percy relents and they then travel together via shadow travel on Mrs.

Percy and Nico arrive at Luke's mother's house in Westport, Connecticut and find that she is in a psychotic state. Castellan greets the two boys as Luke when they arrive.

She then invites Percy and Nico to lunch with her. Percy and Nico discover that Luke ran away in order to protect his mother from the monsters that are constantly hounding him.

The Last Olympian

They also learn that when he gave his body as a host for Kronos, he required his mother's blessing. Disturbed, Percy and Nico say goodbye and run from the house to find that Mrs. O'Leary has been approached by the goddess Hestia.

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Hestia provides lunch for the boys and then tells Percy that no matter what side he chooses, he must remember her because she is the last Olympian. She goes on to explain that while all the Olympians are gone, she is the only one who remains for she is the goddess of the home. Hestia then sends Percy and Nico to Percy's own home where they are greeted by his mother, Sally Jackson , and Paul Blofis who finally believes Percy's mother about everything that has to do with the supernatural.

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

Percy and Nico tell her of their plan and she reluctantly gives Percy her blessing, and asks him to give her a signal if he does survive the war. Ready to carry out the plan, Nico and Percy shadow travel to Central Park to reach another entrance to the Underworld. Suddenly, Percy feels Grover's presence and, uses his empathy link to awaken Grover out of a deep sleep.

Grover then falls out of a tree near Percy and Nico. He explains that he was spreading the news about Pan 's death and recruiting fighters when he saw a strange man walking through Central Park.

Everyone within the immediate vicinity of the strange man would fall asleep, and when he has passed them, they would awake as if nothing had happened. As he went to confront the man, the man put him under a deep sleep. After Grover's story, Nico says that Grover had encountered Morpheus , the god of dreams, and that his presence meant that the invasion is coming sooner than it was expected. The two then tell Grover their plan, and Grover, though scared for Percy and frightened of the Underworld, plays a song to open the gate to the Underworld before leaving to tell Juniper that he is alive.

Traveling into the Underworld, they soon reach the River Styx. As Percy realizes he has been tricked, he fights against Nico but is stopped by the Furies and has his sword thrown off a cliff, leaving him defenseless. Nico explains that his father had promised him information on his past if he turns Percy in.

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Percy ends up having yet another dream. He sees Rachel with her family on vacation and feels sad that he is unable to join them. He also sees that she is drawing in the sand in ancient Greek. The dream changes to a view from the top of the St. Louis Arch. Percy sees the monstrous shape of Typhon and barely makes out the gods as they fight him off.

Percy wakes up and sees Nico. He immediately pins Nico to the floor of his cell. Nico truthfully explains to Percy that he had no idea that capturing Percy was what his father had in mind. Nico then helps Percy escape to the River Styx on Mrs.

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When the two get there, Percy has a talk with Achilles before bathing in the River Styx to become nearly invincible leaving only the small of his back, opposite the naval, as his weakness. As Percy wades out of the river, he is attacked by Hades' minions and Hades himself. Percy escapes after defeating Hades and his minions using his new found strength. As he leaves he tells Nico to stay and convince Hades to fight. Percy then travels out of the Underworld and towards the Empire State Building.

Though he remembers that one of them is the spy, he tells all of them anyway of his plan to get Zeus to defend Mount Olympus.

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It is here that Percy is officially recognized as the camp's leader. They head to the th floor and find the throne room empty except for Hestia , who is still tending the fire. She then shows him a vision of the day Luke and Thalia Grace found Annabeth — the same day Luke gave her the knife she still uses — and when Luke meets his dad, Hermes , for the first time.

Percy almost collapses, overwhelmed by the vision. Hermes suddenly arrives, and Hestia leaves.

What is the next percy jackson book called after the last olympian

Uneasy because nothing is going as planned, Percy and Annabeth send the other demigods away to scout Olympus, leaving the two alone with Hermes. The god relays a message from Athena saying that they must defend Manhattan by using Plan To Percy, Athena tells him to remember the rivers and to stay away from her daughter. Annabeth mentions Luke, and Hermes, angry that she has brought up the subject, accuses her of being unable to prevent Luke from hosting Kronos.