Using A Book Name In An Essay

Using a book name in an essay

In Eloquent Science , I discuss my thoughts about colons in titles of scientific articles on pp. Dave Mechem University of Kansas emailed me to express concern about their overuse in some disciplines like geography, humanities, and some of the social sciences.

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For an example, take a look at this issue of Progress in Human Geography. Of the 9 scientific articles, all but one use a colon in the title.

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Two even use a colon and an em dash! Do people in these disciplines have more to say in the titles than us in the physical sciences?

Using a book name in an essay

It certainly seems commonplace, if not nearly mandatory in those disciplines. By comparison, atmospheric science as well as the other physical sciences tend not to have as many titles with colons in them. Peter Thrower, the long-time editor of the journal Carbon , wrote an editorial derogatorily calling titles with unnecessary colons in them colonic titles.

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Colons, like anything, lose their novelty and effectiveness when overused. Titles with colons often make the titles longer and cutsier than necessary. Of my roughly 80 published papers, I have used a colon or a two-phrase title 14 times, and only four of those cases was I the lead author. Here are some of those titles.

Using a book name in an essay

Historical research in the atmospheric sciences: The value of literature reviews, libraries, and librarians. Maintaining the role of humans in the forecast process. Analyzing the psyche of expert forecasters. The use of moisture flux convergence in forecasting convective initiation: Historical and operational perspectives.

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The March Superstorm cyclogenesis: Incipient phase synoptic- and convective-scale flow interaction and model performance. For those cases, I was trying to be a little more provocative. Are three heads better than two? How the number of reviewers and editor behavior affect the rejection rate.

Using a book name in an essay

Looking back, I think that most of my colonic titles were not excessively long, and the second part of the title after the colon amplified the first part. So, I thought these titles were mostly effective. Sure, many of them could have been written as a single phrase, but then what I wanted to emphasize as the first part would have necessarily been subservient in a revised title.

I ran across your blog post as I was trying to find out if the part of the title that comes after the colon has a name.

When writing an essay, do you have to italicize the name of the author as well as the book title?

That word refers to the words that run across the screen during foreign films. Thank you! PS Are they really called colonic titles or were you just using the joke moniker throughout the post?

Thanks for your comment, Annie.

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Yes, indeed, Peter Thrower does refer to them as colonic titles his term. Is it acceptable to use TWO colons in one title?

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Someone I know is writing a book and the working title has two colons it. That seems a bit excessive when written that way. But, I can see the appeal of having the main title have a colon.

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Is there any way for this author to avoid using two colons? Do a little research on how your own professors have […].

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Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Posted in: community, […]. The colon is commonly used to expand on the core idea of the title or present a cool statement or image to draw in a reader.

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There is some debate about the appropriateness of the colon in the titles of some disciplines. Name required.

Mail will not be published required. The American Meteorological Society preferred. The University of Chicago Press.

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Also available at Amazon. David M. Presently, he is Chief Editor for Monthly Weather Review, the longest-running meteorological journal in the world.

Using a book name in an essay

In and , he received the University of Manchester Teaching Excellence Award, the only academic to have twice done so. He has published over peer-reviewed journal articles. Great news! Yesterday at Footnotes are a contradiction, aren't they?

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If text is too inconsequential or tangential, we put it in a footnote t… twitter. Thursday, 16 January I'm supervising or cosupervising two projects. Check them out at the link below. Deadline 31 January.

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Using a book name in an essay

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