Tundish Covering Powder Composition Book

Tundish covering powder composition book

Insulating Powder Radex — also called Ladle Covering Compound is used in steel mills for insulation of molten metal in ladle and tundish.

Tundish covering powder composition book

The temperature of molten metal in the ladle is around degrees centigrade degrees F and above. When this metal flows from ladle to tundish the temperature drops considerably. Without the use of insulation cover material, there may be breakdown in caster due to loss of temperature.

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Application of Innsulekx prevents radiation heat losses. Innsulekx is self-spreading and does not form a heap over the molten metal.

Tundish covering powder composition book

This leads to better insulation of the metal saving energy. Skull formation is reduced to a large extent making the operations easier in the process of steel making in concast area. Application of Innsulekx prevents re-oxidation of metal.

Tundish covering powder composition book

Refractory flux and ladle flux are expensive to purchase. Our product range includes insulating powder Ladle Covering Compound , nozzle filling compound, slag coagulants, and active tundish cover materials.

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The annual production capacity is 10, tons per anum. Our products are well accepted by the customers all over the globe.

Tundish covering powder composition book

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Ladle Covering Compound (Radex) -- Insulating Compound

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