Truck Log Book Regulations Nsw Government

Truck log book regulations nsw government

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Each of them passed a law that either adopts or duplicates the HVNL with some modifications as a law of that State or Territory. In some cases, drivers may also need to comply with certain aspects of the HVNL before they cross the border eg.

The Logbook Rules (HOS) Rules For Truck Drivers

Amendments that commenced on 1 October reformulate the CoR obligations on a party as an overarching and positive duty of care, consistent with the duty of care approach adopted in other safety laws, such as the Model Work Health and Safety Act.

Under the HVNL, private road managers remain responsible for managing access to their own properties. Such requirements will only apply when the NHVR begins administering a national heavy vehicle registration system.

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You should check with your state or territory road transport authority for requirements that apply. Contact details for the relevant authority should be printed on the back of the infringement notice itself.


These derogations are being continually reviewed and advice on their harmonisation will be provided progressively. National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Truck log book regulations nsw government

NHVR Portal. Road managers. Fatigue management About Counting time Electronic Work Diary Fatigue management exemptions Fatigue monitoring trial Personal use of a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle Record keeping requirements Training in fatigue risk management Work and rest requirements Work diary FAQs. Heavy Vehicle Confidential Reporting Line.

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Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook

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Truck log book regulations nsw government

Court outcomes. Fee schedule. Heavy Vehicle National Law and Regulations.

Truck log book regulations nsw government

Legal proceedings. Notices and permit-based schemes National notices State notices Transitional notices Notices that must be carried Permit-based schemes.

How to use the NSW learner's licence log book

Penalties and infringements. Public interest disclosures.

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Truck log book regulations nsw government

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HVNL Regulations

Australian Capital Territory. New South Wales. South Australia. Transitional notices.

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Notices that must be carried. Permit-based schemes.

Truck log book regulations nsw government

Right to Information. Disclosure log.

When must I use a work diary?

Publication scheme. Approved forms. Ministerially approved instruments. NHVR policies and procedures.


Requesting information. Application laws of the states and territories Each state and territory covered by the HVNL has passed legislation that modifies some aspects of the HVNL for that state or territory. In some cases, yes. Under the HVNL, are there requirements for drivers regarding compliance with third party insurance legislation? Who do I talk to about a ticket I received? Heavy Vehicle National Law Regulation

Truck log book regulations nsw government