Top 10 Best Comic Book Movies List

Top 10 best comic book movies list

This is so far the best comic book movie.

Top 10 best comic book movies list

It shows the rest of the world why us fanboys love the characters we read about so much. It's more than just guys in suits fighting each other. It's high drama with character driven plots.

This shouldn't even be a competition.

The dark knight is one of the best movies of all time. The acting, the plot, the atmosphere, everything is exceptional. Number 23! Are you kidding me!

The BEST Superhero Comic Book-Based Movies of ALL TIME

Although I don't think this is a better movie than the Dark Knight it was a boatload more fun! Dark Knight trilogy was more serious but this one was way more fun.

Easily the best comic book movie and movie of ALL time. Such a bad movie.

Top 10 best comic book movies list

Filled with corny humour. Filled with lame jokes and plot holes. The more I watch this film, the worse I feel about it. I would not consider this movie to be better than The Dark Knight but it is so entertaining and still maintains the spirit of the Comic books. I voted Avengers but would change my vote to this if I took the time to scroll down. Terrible movie.

The 50 best comic book movies: 50–41

I have never seen a movie with so many plot holes. Not to mention the lack of Batman and boring as snot. The best superhero movie of all time. We had to wait decades but finally it came along and blew us away.


Good casting at the time, brilliant effects and a storyline not to different to alienate a true fan. Its pedigree can't be disputed and it just comes across so well that you forget its a super hero movie. Should be number 1. It isn't as good compared to the amazing spider man but I still think it was a great movie.

If you've never watched this movie than you should give it a try. It may surprise you.

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This has got to be Marvel's answer to Dark Knight. The cast is great, action sequences are beyond Dark Knight's and the plot is far better than Spiderman's. Sure the writing may be a little awkward if think about it long enough nitpicking but this movie deserves the top spot.

Really great performances by Evans and johannsen, great action, great story, all around pretty great movie. Not sure why the 'Spider-Man' movie is listed above this one, since I remember virtually everyone saying how they felt that this movie bettered its predecessor in mostly every way.

This one is probably my favourite superhero movie, still, even after 12 years. A few years ago my dad took me to see it, and then just as it started I said "I don't wanna do this anymore"! This is not only the best comic book movie, but possibly the best movie of all time. I just clicked here so you can see my post 1.

10 BEST Comic Book-Based Animated Features of All Time

The Dark Knight 2. The Avengers 3. Captain America Civil War 4. Guardians Of The Galaxy 5.

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Captain America The Winter Soldier. Definitely an underrated film and glad that's in the top ten - idontknow. I am a huge watchmen fan. I would describe how amazing this movie is, but I will end up typing the entire story - Jonerman. My list merged with this one and in mine it was number 2 - Ltune Beautiful, just so beautiful should be number 2 because nothing is going to beat the dark knight. Arguably the best comic book movie of all time tied with the dark knight.

Dark, Brooding and Jessica Alba makes it a whole lot better. I like this movie because they show you how catwoman became who she is now. It also has a messed up villain in the movie. A Funny and serious movie. This one is probably this far down on the list on account of it coming out fairly recently, got my vote to hopefully push it up a few spots at least past Barb Wire laugh out loud - KnutHudson.

Men in Black

This is by far the best X-Men film, while it's in my top 3, at least it deserves to be in the top ten - idontknow. Holy Bajeesus. Everything you need in not just a comic movie, but a movie in general.

Absolute masterpiece. Ok so I get it just came out but how is Deadpool below X-men and Spiderman 2.

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Personally this movie deserves to be much higher on the list. It was one of the first super-hero movies made for the fans not the box-office. Do you know how much more money they would have made if they made it pg but they stuck it to the fans.

Top 10 best comic book movies list

Best Superhero movie of all time! This makes the Dark Knight look like children's programing! It manages to balance dark with comedy juuuuuuuust right. It doesn't have any blood or gore though.

Top Ten Comic Book Movies of All Time

The original comic was very gory. I think they nicely covered up the CGI by casting Jim Carey, who's basically a living cartoon and born to play the part. I don't get why they chose to return to the same character in the sequel when the whole concept established in the comics is that the mask moves from person to person. How is this not even in the top five, intense, superbly acted, hysterical, exhilariting, seriously people!

The 50 best comic book movies

Bring on Kick-Ass 2! This is the best comic book movie ever. This is my favourite movie of all time. This is the best movie ever. Two hero teams fighting against each othwr. Great movie, the dark theme and story of The Dark Knight combined with the action, visual spectacle, dialogue and awesomeness of The Avengers, definitely deserves the top spot - Leoda Top Ten Comic Book Movies.

BATMAN (1989)

Best comic book movie, and one of my all time favorites! I though Avengers was great, why is it so far down on the list?

Top 10 best comic book movies list

The Dark Knight should be 1 but this trash shouldn't even be ranked! This should be number 1. For its action, performences and suspense.

Sure the writing may be a little awkward if think about it long enough nitpicking but this movie deserves the top spot This should be higher up. My dad and I love this movie to death!

Top 10 Superhero Movies of ALL TIME

Howard the Duck. Dragon Ball: Evolution This movie is trash should be at bottom - Dvafan2. The World The visuals in this movie is so good this movie was surprisingly more kick-ass, then the movie titled kick ass - beasthound. Deadpool is easily in the top 10 adaptions of all time.