This I Believe Book Stories For Babies

This i believe book stories for babies

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This i believe book stories for babies

I believe in the slow degradation of our society and the hope that one-day things will change for the better. Those who refuse to give up their humanity for said advancements are, sadly, few and far between. I am not saying that they do not exist, only that they are becoming more and more like the heroes of ancient days: forgotten, mythical, a thing of the past. The ethical state of our country is a disturbing thought.

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Take the time-weathered and overused example of a car accident. Most passerbies would do the American thing and slow down to watch and stare at the misfortune of others. Honor, strength of character, honesty, and helping those too down on their luck to help themselves are things that have become scarcities in this darkening world. Honor and honesty are things of the past. The knight in shining armor has been replaced by a ruthless lawyer who knows how mighty the pen can truly be.

And who among us is willing to pay a mere twenty-five cents a day to get that starving child in Africa a clean glass of water or some much-needed medical attention. Since my grandfather passed away in September of , I have made it a pillar of my existence to defy the stereotypical negativism that has infected our society. Never again would I set back and let people take advantage of their fellow human beings. These days, too few give out of the goodness of their hearts. When my grandfather died, I felt an empty void inside.

I saw the uniform and instinctual hospitality that resides within each and every one of us if we but look for it. This quality is, ironically, most evident in those who have the least to give.

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Maybe someday, man will not be judged by the number of zeroes in his paycheck. The ideals of the past are no longer pragmatic in this day and age.

While it is true that ideals must change to accommodate the times, we are by no means liberated from the consequences that are imminent if changes are not made. We can only pretend for so long.

This i believe book stories for babies

When we finally allow ourselves to see the truth, it will most likely be too late for us to do anything. Now I know I cannot single-handedly change the world. But I do know that I can make enough of a difference that it may affect those around me. Ignorance is no longer bliss, if only because we cannot afford to let ourselves believe such.

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We have to take a stand against the rising tide of darkness that has stemmed from the hate and pessimism of the multitude of ages that have passed before us, unaware of the effects their conflicts would have.

So I take my stand. Most likely, I will make this stand alone. But those who believe as I do may join my ranks till, like the pessimism that once hovered over our lives, hope shall have its age. Non-Fiction this i believe. Landin Johnson: Interesting observations and most real and valid. I agree.

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Obama, it is not obesity. It is ignorance.

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This i believe book stories for babies

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This i beleive

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This i believe book stories for babies

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