Thirteen Hours The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi Book

Thirteen hours the secret soldiers of benghazi book

On Sept.

Thirteen hours the secret soldiers of benghazi book

Ambassador Chris Stevens. Michael Bay directed "13 Hours," the so-called "Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" version of what happened. The movie is based on a book co-written by Geist, Paronto and Tiegen and other former elite operatives hired as security contractors to guard the Benghazi compound.

American commandos who fought that night shared stories from the 2012 attack.

In real-life, the tragedy triggered massive investigations. At its core, questions of insufficient security and what then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did and didn't know. Mark Rubio said. But while many of Clinton's enemies use Benghazi to hold her accountable, Geist has his own perspective. John Krasinski plays Jack Silva, an alias for another one of the contractors guarding the annex when the diplomatic compound came under attack.

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13 hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi

The men geared-up, raring to race to the rescue, but the CIA base chief -- in the movie version -- delays them. This is one of the biggest points of contention. Congressional committees have been told CIA officials were trying to protect the rescue team and waited to team up with local militias.

Thirteen hours the secret soldiers of benghazi book

The base chief told The Washington Post on Friday that "at no time did I ever second-guess that the team would depart. Tiegen said that by the time they got to the compound, the extremists had set fire to the residence with the ambassador inside.

It's like being in like … walking into a brick oven.

Michael Bay's Benghazi movie 13 Hours is 'inaccurate', according to CIA officer

It's like so hot. You instantly start sweating. Tiegen suffered lung damage from repeatedly diving back into the black smoke and flames.

Thirteen hours the secret soldiers of benghazi book

You tense up. You become hyper-focused and you become aware of every tiny opening of safety that you can find.


The team couldn't locate Stevens but rescued his security detail, who were separated during the fire. Eventually, they returned to defend the CIA annex where they encountered repeated heavy fire. We are going to risk our lives for others if you need us to do it. That how we're bred, raised.

Author of 13 Hours stands by account depicted in Benghazi film

The men took to the rooftops holding down the militants until one final deadly barrage. Even with his arm nearly severed, he tried to return fire.

13 Hours - Based on a True Story

By dawn, Stevens was pronounced dead from smoke inhalation. But the team managed to rescue about 30 other workers.

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The State Department later admitted the Benghazi outpost was "woefully" under secured. Though Clinton is not mentioned in the movie, she had to answer questions repeatedly about the motivations of the attackers during 11 hours of congressional testimony last year. Later, congressional investigations concluded that while fighter jets and tactical teams were scrambled from the nearest bases, they were too far away to get there in time.

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When asked if he thought the U. Geist is still living with the aftermath of that night.

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After 14 surgeries, his hand is still badly mangled. Bay, known for his movies "Transformers" and "Armageddon," said he was drawn to the story of unsung heroes. Shows Good Morning America.

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Thirteen hours the secret soldiers of benghazi book

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