The Three Little Pigs Mini Book

The three little pigs mini book

The Three Little Pigs: Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers Mini-Book & Worksheet

Chances are you can retell the story of the Three Little Pigs from memory. Enjoy reading the book and then try these printable Three Little Pigs Activities with your kids.

The three little pigs mini book

There are also lots of great variations of Three Little Pigs. Also, encourage the kids to stand and act the song out as they sing. Here is my belly and here is my snout. When I get hungry Hear me oink. Tip the pail and pour it out.

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In a small pail or bucket place a magnetic letter or letter card included inside. On the last line, tip the pail and pour the letter out.

The three little pigs mini book

Materials Needed: Pig ABC cards included in the packet , Short shallow tray, Brown sensory material dirt, dry chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate cereal, or brown dyed rice or sand. Instruct the students to take one alphabet card and place it next to the sensory tray.

Three Little Pigs Activities

Say the letter and sound. Then, they will use their pointer finger to draw the letter in the tray.

The three little pigs mini book

Smooth the surface and repeat. Print a copy of The Three Little Pigs for each student. Cut each page in half and assemble. The kids are now ready to read and color their emergent reader.

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Compare and contrast the characters in the Three Little Pigs. How are the characters alike and how are they different.

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Illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke

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The three little pigs mini book

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Childrens book read aloud. "THE THREE LITTLE PIGS"