The Secrets Of Droon Book 3

The secrets of droon book 3

The Secrets of Droon Series. Book 1.

The secrets of droon book 3

Underneath the steps leading down to Eric's… More. Want to Read.

The secrets of droon book 3

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Book 2. Journey to the Volcano Palace by Tony Abbott. Shelve Journey to the Volcano Palace. Book 3. The Mysterious Island by Tony Abbott. Shelve The Mysterious Island. Book 4.

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City in the Clouds by Tony Abbott. When Neal turns into a giant bug, Eric and Julie… More. Shelve City in the Clouds.

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Book 5. Jaffa City is frozen under the spell of Lord… More. Shelve The Great Ice Battle. Book 6. The evil Lord Sparr has used magic to wake up a… More.

The Secrets of Droon: Volume I: Books 1-3

Shelve The Sleeping Giant of Goll. Book 7. Into the Land of the Lost by Tony Abbott. Eric, Julie and Neal discover an enchanted… More. Shelve Into the Land of the Lost. Book 8. The Golden Wasp by Tony Abbott. Shelve The Golden Wasp. Book 9. After a robbery in the Lampies' village, Eric,… More. Shelve The Tower of the Elf King. Book Quest for the Queen by Tony Abbott. A Magical Staircase. Discover the World of Droon! Shelve Quest for the Queen.

The Secrets of Droon

The kids from the Upper World must travel back in… More. Shelve The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom. Under the Serpent Sea by Tony Abbott. A hidden door. A magical Staircase. Discover the… More.

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Shelve Under the Serpent Sea. The Mask of Maliban by Tony Abbott. Hob, the magic mask maker, escapes from prison… More. Shelve The Mask of Maliban. Voyage of the Jaffa Wind by Tony Abbott. After Max is captured by someone who may or may… More.

The secrets of droon book 3

Shelve Voyage of the Jaffa Wind. The Moon Scroll by Tony Abbott. Galen's in trouble! He's disappeared into the… More. Shelve The Moon Scroll. The Knights of Silversnow by Tony Abbott. Cats don't bark. They meow.

The Mysterious Island By Tony Abbott (3)

Or at least they did… More. Shelve The Knights of Silversnow. The Magic Escapes by Tony Abbott.

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The magic of Droon explodes with the first-ever… More. Shelve The Magic Escapes. Dream Thief by Tony Abbott. Hailed as the perfect series for kids not quite…. Shelve Dream Thief. Search for the Dragon Ship by Tony Abbott. A new villain is running wild in Droon. Princess… More. Shelve Search for the Dragon Ship. The Coiled Viper by Tony Abbott. Lord Sparr is back This… More. Shelve The Coiled Viper. Forget Frosty Shelve In the Ice Caves of Krog. Flight of the Genie by Tony Abbott. Shelve Flight of the Genie.

Wizard or Witch? Shelve Wizard or Witch? The Isle of Mists by Tony Abbott.

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With nearly 2 million books in print, this Little…. Shelve The Isle of Mists. Shelve The Fortress of the Treasure Queen. The Race to Doobesh by Tony Abbott. Shelve The Race to Doobesh.

The secrets of droon book 3

The Moon Dragon by Tony Abbott. With nearly 2 million books in print, this Little… More.

Shelve The Moon Dragon. Shelve The Chariot of Queen Zara. In the Shadow of Goll by Tony Abbott.

The secrets of droon book 3

It's a dangerous time in Droon. A mysterious… More.

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Shelve In the Shadow of Goll. Sorcerer by Tony Abbott.

The Mysterious Island, The Secrets of Droon Book 3

Eric and his friends have faced off against Lord… More. Shelve Sorcerer. Pirates of the Purple Dawn by Tony Abbott.

The secrets of droon book 3

Shelve Pirates of the Purple Dawn.