The Scorch Trials Book Main Characters

The scorch trials book main characters

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Book Vs. Movie: The Scorch Trials

One Depressing Piece of Klunk "You're one depressing piece of klunk, slinthead" 9. That's what Minho has to say about our hero, Thomas—and there are some pretty good reasons why he might thi The LeaderThomas might be the real leader of the Gladers, but Minho is the real real leader.

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Huh, you ask? Let us explain.

The scorch trials book main characters

See, Thomas has something special about him that's a mystery to both us an The BetrayerRemember that innocent girl who was in a coma for half of Book One? Well, in the beginning of Book Two, we find out that she's the subject labeled "The Betrayer.

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That's not a good But when Alby died, Newt became the leader. But then, all of the kids were given tattoos overnight in the dormitories, Nice to Meet You I'm a CrankYep, she's a Crank… but she isn't a full-blown Crank.

The Scorch Trials

Brenda's one of the survivors in the Scorch the Gladers pick up along the way to the safe haven. But she's not The New KidAris is the kid who takes Teresa's spot in the dormitories at the beginning of the book.

The scorch trials book main characters

He's Teresa's Group B equivalent, as he was sent, comatose, to the Maze that was occupied by girl Some Cranks are only half-crazy, like the ones Thomas meets at the party. These Cranks are able to fun Similar to Brenda, Jorge is a Crank who hasn't quite gone crazy yet. He's the leader of the sane-Cranks.

by James Dashner

He's Hispanic, and he likes to call people hermano, the Spanish word for "brother. SubjectsThe other Gladers we catch glimpses of in the Trials are pretty much just Subjects.

The scorch trials book main characters

They're fill-ins. They're bodies. They claim that their intentions with the kids are to save the human race, but we can't trust th Cite This Page.

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The scorch trials book main characters

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