The Little Red Book Of China Business Consulting

The little red book of china business consulting

By Yuxuan Tammy Zhou.

The little red book of china business consulting

It targets 18—year-old women interested in luxury fashion and beauty products. Redbook allows users to browse, buy, and review products, share shopping experiences, as well as discover and purchase products shared by the community from overseas.

Users of the app can contribute to the community by posting detailed product reviews or product-based lifestyle and fashion tips using photos, video, and text. Posts about a particular item often contain tags with information about price, brand, and the location of purchase even down to the exact store. Redbook now has 17 million female users, and the number is still growing as we speak.

So, what makes it so popular? In our independently funded, Life Online qualitative usability test conducted in Shanghai, China, we asked 5 loyal users of Redbook all female what they valued about it. The top three reasons were the same among these users, in no particular order:.

As participants commented on the thoughtfulness and comprehensiveness of the content on Redbook, we probed further to understand what appealed to them the most.

The little red book of china business consulting

Shopping is a social activity. Online shoppers talk to friends and family about prospective purchases and look for advice and opinions before buying a product. Online product reviews are an important aspect of shopping: shoppers value robust reviews that include details about the reviewers and photos of products in use. In Redbook, other people will tell you in detail what [a product] does and how to use it. On Redbook, people interact and give each other advice by posting, commenting with questions, and sharing experiences.

Redbook gamifies the experience by using a hierarchical status system to encourage participation in the app and strengthen the community.

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By unlocking higher levels of status, users gain access to exclusive features such as customized stickers or watermarks to post on images or videos. Because images and videos are the most eye-catching elements of a post, these extra features mean more opportunities for popularity and exposure.

The most-popular influencers of the community may receive sponsorships from brands in exchange for posts about products. Counterfeit products are a huge concern in China. Fakes are abundant on the market, and luxury beauty and fashion products often become counterfeiting targets. Therefore, Chinese shoppers are extremely wary about product authenticity.

The little red book of china business consulting

In such a setting, trust and credibility are incredibly important. Redbook reassures customers at different stages in the shopping journey that the products it sells are genuine by using:. For these reasons, users trust the company to deliver genuine products, and this trust helps Redbook to differentiate itself from competing platforms. In addition to trustworthy products, comprehensive and legitimate user reviews also help the platform to build trust within its shopping community.

Posts on Redbook are typically very detailed and very personal, filled with descriptions, pictures, and videos. In turn, the platform benefits from such content because detailed reviews with a lot of interaction around them appear genuine and legitimate to shoppers.

Redbook encourages high-quality content by requiring users to include at minimum one video or one image in their post. In addition, it provides helpful tips for creating new content and for preparing and editing media. Concerns about counterfeits and false reviews are also growing in the United States. In our recent research for the Ecommerce User Experience report series , people questioned the ratings and the reviews they saw online and complained about how difficult it was to recognize authentic reviews if they consisted of just a few words.

Redbook users can not only discover new products from user-generated posts, but they can easily purchase the product being discussed. The entire workflow is simple, convenient, and seamlessly built into the app. Users commented on the ease of this experience, saying that Redbook makes discovering and acquiring credible products a simple process, contained in a single app. This sentiment echoes what we heard in research from participants in the United States as well: people prefer streamlined and connected workflows over having to combine information from multiple sources.

We already know from prior research findings that seamlessness is beneficial to omnichannel UX and that only a third of the population has sufficient computer skills to combine information sources. Here are some key takeaways from Redbook that targeted ecommerce sites can incorporate to make UX a competitive advantage over giant, but undifferentiated sites like Amazon :.

Retailers can also take advantage of their social-network pages to post product details and link to product pages; they should also strive to encourage users to add their own content.

How Community Can Drive Commerce: A Lesson from China’s Little Red Book

Companies can learn a lot by paying attention to what resonates with online shoppers. Establishing and monitoring a community around your products gives retailers the ability to analyze trends and preferences.

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For example, Redbook adjusts product inventory based on how many users like or view particular posts, and discerns which brands to invest in based on these indicators. Redbook encourages participation in its ecommerce community in order to build quality, trustworthy content. The latest articles about interface usability, website design, and UX research from the Nielsen Norman Group.

The little red book of china business consulting

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The little red book of china business consulting

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The little red book of china business consulting

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