The Legend Of Korra Book 4 Trailer 2

The legend of korra book 4 trailer 2

The legend of korra book 4 trailer 2

But as for details, we can only get to the speculation part! This prediction may seem obvious based on the trailer and her introduction at the end of season three, but Kuvira is very much going to have a Metal Bending army at her disposal and overthrow the Metal Clan.

What would be interesting is if the Metal Benders sought out a way to distance themselves from Earth Benders and create their own nation. Was I the only one wondering what Varrick was doing hanging out with the metal clan in Zaofu? That and he provides some amazing comic relief.

[WATCH] ‘The Legend Of Korra’: Book 4 Trailer For ‘Balance’ — Final Season – HollywoodLife

Tokka is a ship I will go down with. Another fairly obvious prediction after seeing that excruciating 2 minute clip of his painful exchange with Asami.

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Anyone who refers to themselves as a superhuman in order to get a date is compensating for something. Who needs gliders when you have super cool flying squirrel suits?

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The return of the Air Nomads is a definite turning point for the world and a lot can change over three years, especially in the ego area. Being a part of a small, tight-knit group of people who can literally fly can easily skew the view of the most humble from atop their sky bison. Can this please just be a thing? Just one last fight scene with the epic mastery these benders have. Spirit World Iroh, anyone? And maybe a little bit of Azula? And then we can figure out who her mom is.


Because there was that weird moment between Zuko and Suki in the comic, which is a weird ship, because Zuki? Season three left Korra broken, both physically and mentally, and Korra was at her best when she could draw on the wisdom of the past. Have some theories I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Great article! And gasp!

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Korra cut off her loopies! She looked exactly like Aang when she shaved her head and got the tattoos at the end of Season 3!

The legend of korra book 4 trailer 2

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Varrick is finally going to flourish as a bad guy. The Airbenders are going to fly off the handle.

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Minus a few. Korra will reconnect with the past Avatars and the cycle will remain unbroken.

The legend of korra book 4 trailer 2

About the Author. Khaleesi of the Great Sass Sea. Mother of Blue Eyes White Dragons.

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Titles, titles. Like that?

The legend of korra book 4 trailer 2

You'll love this! With all these titles seemingly being cancelled after their latest entries, the sands in the hour glass of our time [ BBC broke the internet when they announced this morning the very polarizing casting news for the next season of Doctor Who.

Finally, my favorite water based game has been turned into a Netflix original series!

Legend of Korra: "Book 4 Official Trailer"

Kidding aside, Marco Polo seems like one of those shows that you either hate or love. While I understand that this show may not be for everyone, I implore [ Leave a Response.

The Legend of Korra Book 4 Finale Trailer

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The legend of korra book 4 trailer 2

July 12, New Star Wars Trilogy in the Works. Hallo-Screen Review Good Day.