The Good Earth Audio Book Chapter 19 To Kill

The good earth audio book chapter 19 to kill

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The good earth audio book chapter 19 to kill

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The good earth audio book chapter 19 to kill

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The good earth audio book chapter 19 to kill

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The good earth audio book chapter 19 to kill

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Good Earth , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Lotus pouts at the fact that Wang Lung pays attention to anything other than her.

Lotus likes the eldest son now, and she tells Wang Lung about a man who used to come to her at the tea house and speak of his daughter, who reminded him of her.

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He was polite and fair with his money. The fact that the girl Lotus recommends for the eldest son has been likened to Lotus herself might not bode well for the marriage. Active Themes.

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However, Wang Lung wants to think about it for a while yet, and he makes them wait. Rich vs.

The Good Earth

One morning, the eldest son comes home drunk and sick. Wang Lung discovers him, and O-lan washes him and puts him to bed. The eldest son finally seems to be giving in to the debauchery that wealth allows. Wang Lung knows that only poor men go to this woman.

He immediately heads for the great house, hardly seeing his fields as he walks. Wang Lung is bothered, somewhat hypocritically, by the idea of his son going to a prostitute. Ironically, the prostitute lives in the House of Hwang, showing how far the great house has fallen.

Download it! The gates of the house are never closed now, and families of common people rent the rooms. He keeps knocking, and finally a woman wearing makeup opens the door. He describes him to her, and she remembers the boy and his cousin. She agrees to the deal, and Wang Lung leaves quickly, sickened by her.

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Wang Lung finds Yang disgusting simply because of her base surroundings, even though she does essentially the same job that Lotus did. He watches over his sleeping son, thinking with disgust of the whore. Wang Lung suddenly remembers all of his grievances against his uncle and says he and his family must leave.

His uncle opens his coat and reveals a false red beard and a piece of red cloth.


He leaves without a word. Wang Lung feels that marrying his son off will allow him to act out his lusts in a healthier, more socially acceptable way. His uncle, however, still has no moral compass and sees no problem with the son going to a prostitute. Wang Lung finds himself in a more uncomfortable situation than ever.

His uncle acts just as he always has, and Wang Lung has to be nice to him for fear of what he might do otherwise. Wang Lung is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He keeps his eldest son inside in the evenings, which makes the boy irritable. He could turn his uncle in to the law, but he would probably not be believed, and could even be punished for being cruel to his family. Besides, the robbers might kill him. Wang Lung gives in to the blackmailing for the moment, as he sees no other option.

He tells O-lan they must betroth their other children as soon as possible to avoid this same trouble. The next morning, he goes out to his fields, and when he passes his eldest daughter , he thinks that she causes him the least trouble out of any of his children.

The good earth audio book chapter 19 to kill

Wang Lung works in the fields for many days, and the land heals him. Once again, the land acts as a force of life, bringing Wang Lung back to himself. One day, a small cloud appears in the south, slowly spreading upward but not moving like a normal cloud. Eventually the wind blows a dead locust to the ground. Wang Lung forgets about his family troubles and urges the villagers to fight the locusts. Some say that their fate is to starve, and it will happen no matter what.

They go to worship in the temples. The villagers seem to believe the locusts are a sign of the divine, just as they are in the Bible.

Pearl S. Buck

But as a rich man, Wang Lung feels that he no longer has to bow to divine will, so he fights it instead. Wang Lung summons his workers and some of the other villagers, and they burn some of the crops and dig moats to hinder the locusts. Eventually the locusts arrive, leaving some fields untouched and eating others. Wang Lung and his men kill as many as they can. Many people eat the dead insects, but Wang Lung refuses to.

The locusts distract him for a week, and then he feels that he can live with his uncle until the man dies. He harvests his wheat and plants rice.

If the locusts really are sent by the gods, Wang Lung seems to triumph over them, or to be favored by them. Cite This Page. MLA Chicago.

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Greider, Julia. Retrieved January 17, Copy to Clipboard. Download this Chart PDF.

The Good Earth

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During the drought in Chapter 8, Wang's uncle asks Wang for

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The Good Earth by pearl S buck summary

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