The Funky Fresh Juice Book Australias Secret

The funky fresh juice book australias secret

It beats martinis hollow. The other day, my wife cautioned me that I was beginning to develop a predilection for drinks with names that sound like Hobbits. And Samwise, because you have to have Samwise. Ever since I wrote our original Gimlet post , something has been bothering me, and I decided it was time to confront it head on. As much as I love the fresh lime juice and simple syrup version of the Gimlet that we include on our Drinks Menu , there is something about it that continues to haunt me.

The funky fresh juice book australias secret

The specter that is growing in my heart stems from the fact that, on a certain level, I have begun to agree with them. Everything under the sun must be artisanal, local and on the Slow Food Ark. Gin, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup — period. Rather than stimulating the appetite, sugar produces the opposite effect.

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This is why people think of martinis as the way to set the stage for a big, juicy steak. What to do? I needed to find some middle ground — some Pax Aurantifolia by which I could unite the two opposing forces. The Lime Juice product is alcohol-free and can be sold anywhere.

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I decided to attack the cordial version. In the search for lime cordial recipes, one that rises to the surface time and time again is on Wikipedia.

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This version calls for lime zest, lime juice, citric acid, tartaric acid, and sugar. As it seemed that the tartaric acid was mostly used as a preservative, I found a recipe that followed the same basic formula but which eliminated this ingredient.

The Funky Fresh Juice Book

The recipe I used came from Australia you can find it here , and my thinking was that if anyone had spent time on British navy vessels, it was the Australians.

Maybe some great, secret knowledge had been passed down — it was, at least, worth a shot. As lovely as the Australian recipe was, it was all wrong. My next step was to replace the white sugar with demerara sugar in one batch and agave nectar in another. Agave nectar has become a popular bar sweetener, and in it, I found the right funky undertone. The citric acid, meanwhile, was bringing the pucker to the mix, but too much of it made the drink taste artificial in the wrong way.

I needed another way to bring in the sour. To extract more out of the lime zest, I decided to cover it overnight with vodka.

The funky fresh juice book australias secret

At the same time, I also began to play with the lime juice. Per a recent article by Dave Arnold at the French Culinary Institute, four hour old lime juice tastes better than fresh. I gave that a whirl, as well as some lime juice from the night before. Still, not quite there. One of the major problems was having to add more sweetener to balance the lime juice. It was time to throw out the baby — I removed fresh juice from the picture.

Now, we were getting somewhere. Tweaking the amounts of the zest-infused vodka and the citric acid, I was on the right track.


If I had been using real lime juice, I would have needed to clarify it see this amazing technique from Dave Arnold — a dry Gimlet seems unappetizing if full of pulp. With my method, I was able to skip this step, which made it even easier to throw together.

It also loses its bite the next day. Whether this is just the mixture settling or the alcohol breaking down the citric acid, I do not know.

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Overall, I have to admit that, if used immediately, this syrup makes a delicious drink. Why would I want to capture it verbatim? It is middle ground, however.

The funky fresh juice book australias secret

Steps: 1 The night before, zest limes I used standard Mexican limes and cover zest with vodka I used regular Stoli. Strain the liquid from the zest, and discard the solids.

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The funky fresh juice book australias secret

This is the version I used as my baseline for taste and color. To get something close to this, mix as follows:.

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Add ingredients to a mixing glass. Stir with ice. Strain into a coupe. I still skip the Garnish. Are we done?

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Hopefully, those who read this will be inspired to tinker a bit too, and the army of the middle ground will grow. Until then, I offer a path not over the mountains nor via the Dwarven mines but straight up the middle — through the Black Gate itself.

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