The End Of The Affair Book Sparknotes To Kill

The end of the affair book sparknotes to kill

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The end of the affair book sparknotes to kill

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The end of the affair book sparknotes to kill

Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The End of the Affair , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. A woman with the man passed out cards to people in the park and Sarah took one. At the same time, she refuses to acknowledge just how much she does believe in God.

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Active Themes. Love and Hatred. Henry and one of his coworkers talked about the V1s and Sarah writes that she wanted to tell them about finding Maurice trapped under the door and that she was naked at the time because she and Maurice were having an affair. Sarah wonders if Henry would have heard her if she did say these things.

The End of the Affair

Sarah reveals one important detail about the symbolic desert: one can seek temporary relief from it in other people. Although the desert itself is a barren and loveless land, one can pretend for a moment that they are experiencing love with another person. When someone picked the phone up, however, it was a woman who said she was borrowing the flat while the owner was away. When Sarah left Bendrix, she lost a part of herself, as well.

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Sarah remembers learning about a king who decided to kill what God loved about him the most in order to get back at God, and Sarah thinks to herself that she wants to do the same thing. Just as Bendrix weaponized hatred in his quest to hurt Sarah and Henry, Sarah tries to weaponize love; more specifically, Sarah wants to take what God loves about her and use it to hurt him by destroying it. At the same time, Sarah reveals her one great insecurity: she believes that she is unlovable. Download it!

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The end of the affair book sparknotes to kill

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The End of the Affair

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The end of the affair book sparknotes to kill

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