The Book Of Unwritten Tales Metacritic Fallout

The book of unwritten tales metacritic fallout

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. By King Art Games.

The book of unwritten tales metacritic fallout

Click on the screen to open the book. The main menu has continue game, save game later , new game, load game, credits, settings and quit game. The main menu is accessed during gameplay by the ESC key or the book at bottom right.

The setting has graphics quality, screen resolution, full screen, speech volume, sound volume, music volume, spoken text and subtitles selections. To save, click on empty saving slot, enter a name and click on 'save'.

The book of unwritten tales metacritic fallout

Saved game can be overwritten. The inventory bag is at bottom right of the screen. Some items that are not needed are removed at end of a chapter. Items can be combined by clicking one item over another item.

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Right click will return the picked item to the inventory bag. Right click of an item also describes the item. To switch main character; click on the picture of the other character seen at top left of the screen. Double clicking on an exit door icon will transfer to next location immediately.

The ESC key also skips a dialogue. The spacebar key shows all the active spots in the screen. Talk to characters often; they might have new info.

Examine active spots several times and check the descriptions of the items picked up. Chapter 1. In Aventasia, there is war between the dark army of the Shadows and the Alliance of free people. An archeologist finds an artefact that could end the war.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Munkus and Mortroga want that artefact. They were stopped by a band of heroes - Wilbur, Ivo, Critter and ah Nate Bonnett. As Nate:. Nate Bonnett's predicament:. Press the spacebar to see active areas in the screen. Hold on to the rock face.

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Nate gets on to the large rock at left. Climb up the rock face. Automatically jump on the broken jetty. Climb up the rope. Nate automatically moves to a log. Take the oil lamp floating at top left. Nate automatically rubs the lamp to talk to Benny the genie. Benny is not confident in what he does and goes back inside the lamp.

The Book of Unwritten Tales - Análise

Nate moves to another jetty. Take the carpet. Aha, something Benny can do.

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Nate rubs the lamp and apologizes to Benny. He wants a flying carpet. The jetty is hit and breaks into pieces. Nate flies to the floating island and sees that it is "strange".

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Critter hits Nate. See the intro and a tutorial follows. Follow the instructions while viewing the credits. Princess Ivo. Princess Ivo's predicament:. At the Elf castle, Princess Ivo talks with her mother the Queen. The queen thinks Ivo is gaining weight.

Learn that Ivo is to marry Prince Lalilos. He is coming next week. The queen leaves but locks Ivo in her room. Check inventory. Right click Prince Lalilos' picture. Talk to Cheep-cheep. Ivo admits that she has not been feeling well.

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There must be something in the library to help her. Examine the red flower on the table. Open the musical box at small table at bottom right and play it. There's a figurine beside it. Check the knitted hat on the couch Wilbur gave Ivo for her birthday twice.

Check Critter's painting on the easel and the see the other paintings. Get rid of Cheep-cheep:. Examine the mirror, Cheep-cheep and the jewelry box. Cheep-cheep does not want to move off the box. The bird is mother's spy.

Check the telescope three times to learn Ivo's thoughts. Examine the sunflowers and take some sunflower seeds. Place the sunflower seeds on the empty bowl on the table. Examine the jewelry box while Cheep-cheep is eating the seeds.

The book of unwritten tales metacritic fallout

Take the mirror. Cheep-cheep goes back to his perch after seeing there is no mirror. Cheep-cheep lands on the musical box to see himself on the mirror again. Open the musical box. Cheep-cheep is now inside the box and promptly falls asleep. Explore the garden:. Get more sunflower seeds. Exit through bottom right exit.

The book of unwritten tales metacritic fallout

Examine the happy willow twice. Check the pond and the water plants. Take water plants to get a cut reed and reed head. Go right and check the waterfall and the door to the throne room. Examine the empty bird bath at left.

The Book of Unwritten Tales

Learn about the Elfburrow seasons always autumn , mother and theorist father. They looked at one flower given to the queen. It is the only one that is not well.

Examine the shallow bowl-magic mirror that mother uses to check on the land. It needs water.

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Look at the bee's nest on the tree. Talk to Arbor. Take the stone - Arbor's sheep dog where Arbor was at. Go to the library :. Go to the library under the balcony. Look at everything. Check the dice, helmet, stuffed monster, dragon's head and swords at center of room.

The book of unwritten tales metacritic fallout

Get the Almanac of Elf Medicine. Talk to the book.