The Book Of Bantorra Trailer Rental

The book of bantorra trailer rental

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The book of bantorra trailer rental

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Tatakau Shisho – The Book of Bantorra ep1 (okt.25.)

Welcome to the forums! Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide. It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. Thanks and have fun. Spoiler : more. Last edited: Jul 10, Denizen , Jul 5, Definitely an interesting summary.

Tatakau Shisho

Interesting enough for me to want to take a look at the light novels. Hopefully more info will be available soon. Random Member , Jul 5, Oooh sounds good! I'll definently watch it on fall ;D. Satsuki , Jul 5, I hope that the art of the anime will be similar to the art of those covers.

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Weebl , Jul 5, Light novel covers looks great. And plot sounds interesting. That's enough to give it a try.

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TadloS , Jul 5, Haohmaru , Jul 7, KohZa , Jul 7, Oh, some details. Denizen , Jul 7, Definitley sounds unique. I'll try it. DragonTiger , Jul 7, Twilight Aurora , Jul 7, Lol Denizen, you didn't know that?

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Park, pronounced and romanized in Japanese is Paku. Definitely gonna keep my eye on this. I love me some librarians.

The book of bantorra trailer rental

Otori , Jul 7, But wow, what an early thread since it comes out in the fall xD. Tomochii-Chan , Jul 8, Bump for new info. I like the artwork and the trailer is looking pretty good, too. In fact, the music reminds me alot of the Shadow of the Colossus composer, and it would be awesome to hear more of that kind of music in an anime.

If anything, this anime is reminding me alot of Baccano in it's style, animation and characters - obviously the setting is nothing like Baccano, but it's looking pretty cool.

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Denizen , Jul 10, Thanks for the update! The character desings look great, the story sounds interesting.

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I can't wait. The funny thing is, that although i've read the summary and several plot descriptions i still don't know what the hell is this about.

The book of bantorra trailer rental

Weebl , Jul 10, The PV on the official site looks good. I'm also liking the art and character designs.

Kreskówki z serii: Tatakau Shisho The Book of Bantorra

Haohmaru , Jul 10, So in short, this is about librarians who have enough of being called weak bookworms so they decided to become badass and kick some ass? I like it. Nayrael , Jul 28, Looks nice 2 me. The PV and character designs look great.

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The series composer has me a little worried though Random Member , Jul 28, I thought I commented on this already. Anyway, the premise certainly interests me.

THe animation style looks fine to me, nothing that particularly sticks out to me with the assorted cast so far except for maybe the guy with the nice suit. So sure, I'll probably try this out, at least to find out why the most powerful librarian is someone people want to eradicate.

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Yakushi Kabuto , Jul 28, Tomochii-Chan , Aug 18, Muk , Oct 2, First episode was pretty boring and confusing, with lots of names, organisations and references to people whom I don't know anything yet The animation was good, except for the CGI boats Revan21 , Oct 2, IchiTenshou , Oct 2, I felt the first episode could have been better. They managed to introduce the characters and such and give a lot to digest but barely any explanation or clarity to go with it.

Things seemed to get progressively less interesting as the episode progressed to.

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The ED didn't really stick out to me visually either but the song did. More enjoyable singing from Annabel. Hopefully next episode is better. Looking forward to seeing more of Hamyuts.

Random Member , Oct 2, TadloS , Oct 2, What I was most impressed about this first episode was the action scenes. I haven't had the urge to make gifs in awhile, but this episode sparked an urge.

The animation and background art was really eye catching. The premise regarding the armed librarians and their mission regarding protecting those who lives have already expired and are fossilized in a stone tablet sparked my interest.

The book of bantorra trailer rental

The terms "meat" and "true men" also grabbed my attention from the very start and has me wanting to know more about that world. Kira Yamato , Oct 4, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account?

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