The Book Club Band Gigs Nyc

The book club band gigs nyc

How cool is that?! Pretty cool.

What are the most common payment structures that bands will come across at NYC gigs?

But you look again at the email. There are tons of places in the city where you can play a show for free. Marks Avenue , Crown Heights. S that would be a major selling point. They book directly through email, and rather than selling tickets, they pass a tip jar around.

The book club band gigs nyc

Owners and brothers Nick and Andy Bodor always book directly, and they take great pride in crafting bills with bands that compliment each other. CakeShop books through email instructions below , as well as by following blogs like Oh My Rockness and Brooklyn Vegan to discover new bands. CakeShop does charge audience members for tickets, but there is no set number that bands have to sell.

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The tickets are sold so that the venue can pay the door person and the sound person, and whatever is left after that is given to the bands. Bands get to keep percent of the profit from their ticket sales after the club pays their sound guy.

How to Get Gigs - My 5 Tips - The DIY Musician Guide

Rather than selling tickets, they pass a hat around to collect tips for performers. If you want to play here, reach out! Just be sure to promote your own show — Jake says the best way is to simply tell all your friends about it.

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Pine box does free shows as well, but with a twist. To make a little extra scratch, bands can pass a hat around or bring their own door person charge at the door.

Pine Box is also home to fun things like trivia nights, a Wednesday comedy open mic, and a vegan shop-up, which sounds exciting [ note from your vegan editor: it is indeed awesome ].

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During the week Sunday — Thursday , they focus on giving the floor to newer acts. That said, bands are not required to sell tickets, ever.

The book club band gigs nyc

They love getting emails, but will also reach out to bands directly, especially if they need to fill a specific bill. Major benefits of playing Cobra Club include the full menu of specialty cocktails named after Misfits songs.

How should you approach these venues? Keep it short and sweet.

Booking gigs is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

Having one of these is one way venues will find out about you and book you directly. If you have a video, definitely include that.

The book club band gigs nyc

Videos are fun. Please give me a couple of venues in New York City and or in Brooklyn that makes bands pay to play.

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Blackthorn 51 in queens — My band has been forced to pay out of pocket a number of times for failing to meet their ticket quota. Click here to cancel reply. Name required.

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Entertainment Some like it hot: Nowadays has a sauna and other winter specials Nov 28, 0. Nov 24, at pm. Nov 25, at am. Feb 14, at pm.

The book club band gigs nyc

Nov 19, at pm.