Stephen King Joyland Book Review

Stephen king joyland book review

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Sometimes the prizes are real. Scott Fitzgerald and Graham Greene. In addition to The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night , Fitzgerald wrote magazine stories and screenplays for financial survival. And then, in still another set of unclassifiables, there are those writers who work steadily in one genre but acquire wide respect because their writing has qualities which transcend preconceived notions about the genre they work in: Dashiell Hammett, Georges Simenon, Raymond Chandler, Jim Thompson, Charles Portis.

What do we do with these writers? When he received the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Award from the National Book Foundation in , King expressed resentment at the lack of recognition his fellow genre authors receive:.

Joyland by Stephen King – review

Honoring me is a step in a different direction, a fruitful one, I think. I believe the time comes when you must be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Stephen King's "Joyland" Book Review

Joyland is as genre-foiling as its author. Devin Jones has just finished his junior year in college, and he takes a job at a North Carolina seaside amusement park called Joyland. Shortly before he starts the job, his girlfriend leaves him, throwing him into a pitch of crisis, both romantic and existential: Will he find new love?

Stephen king joyland book review

Will he ever love again? What will he do with the rest of his life?

Joyland, by Stephen King, review

Devin asks himself all of these questions, fairly explicitly. As Devin hangs on at the park, he discovers it has a dark history.

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So we have a ghost, a fun house, and a serial killer: Is this a horror story? A crime novel?

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A mystery? Or some combination of all three?


Surely you jest, Mr. The largest of these extras is the language. And then there are the rides themselves: the Carolina Spin, the Moon Rocket. There is an almost delirious pleasure in reading the words, savoring them, and, after a certain point, getting used to them.

King strengthens his storyline with a rich cast of supporting characters.

Stephen King’s new novel is full of acute observations, says Tim Martin.

Or Mrs. In addition to the vibrant cast, King sprinkles his narrative with entertaining episodes.

Stephen king joyland book review

Joyland is quick reading, and its pleasures are simple ones. The reason we continue reading Joyland , as with all mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, or horror novels, is to find out what happens next: who murdered the girl in the funhouse?

Stephen king joyland book review

Is there another murder on the horizon? Just because these questions appeal to a broad spate of readers, are we to judge these books differently? The book has been released in paperback, and will eventually come out in a limited hardcover edition — a move meant to hearken back to the days of dime store novels.

Joyland by Stephen King

This move is also designed to make readers more conscious of what it means to buy a paperback rather than a hardcover, and especially this brand of paperback: what they want out of it, what level of satisfaction they think it can give them, and, ultimately, what the experience is worth. In this case, the splashy and aggressively sexy packaging is the tip of the iceberg. Close this module. Please fill out all required fields.

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Stephen king joyland book review