Split Second Sophie Mckenzie Book Cover

Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

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Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang. Charlotte Guillain. Sophie McKenzie is an award winning author of books for children, teenagers and adults. After growing up in London and going to university, Sophie became a journalist before doing a year-long course on writing for children. Her first book was published in and since then the number has risen to over Following the four March sisters for a year, and narrated by candid, clumsy Jo, the story begins at a time of great upheaval for the March family.

Fashion mad Meg is frustrated by not being able to buy new clothes, while trying to figure out what to do with her future. Despite their own troubles, the family volunteer at a centre for Middle Eastern refugees on Christmas Day.

Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

In fact, he becomes close to the entire family as they ride a rollercoaster of worries and coming-of-age revelations alongside a whole lot of love and friendship. Being loyal. Being honest. Of course, but how does it feel to be accused of betraying your best friend in the entire world?

A tense novel about finding the special kind of courage needed to do the right thing in difficult circumstances. Blake is great footballer; playing football is all he wants to do but, with money worries at home, he knows he must do all he can to help his mum to pay the rent. Found trespassing, Blake is offered a way out of trouble by fixing a match.

It could be easy money. Blake has to make hard and brave choices. Without exception dyslexia-friendly books published by Barrington Stoke get off to an exciting start and maintain the impetus throughout, with a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. The plot is clear, the characters appealing and there are plenty of visual clues, as dyslexics like to run a story like a video in their heads.

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Gripping football thriller, particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic teen readers. Barrington Stoke is the foremost publisher of dyslexia friendly books and those for reluctant readers.

Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

Here on Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting new titles and refreshing our special dyslexia friendly category. Click here to view our current selection which is broken down by age range. Everything Evie Brown has put her trust in is suddenly revealed to be false, even her parents have been lying to her. Bewildered and confused she chooses to go on a retreat for troubled teens, far away from her family.

On the remote island of Lightsea however, her grasp on reality seems threatened even more dangerously. Part ghost story, party mystery, the teen compulsion to work out who you are, and what you count for, is at the heart of this engrossing novel.

For many, it will be a read-in-one-sitting book.

Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

When Charlie and Nat join the English Freedom Army they think they are part of an active cell with the same principles as themselves. And can they find anyone else who wants a political solution? Nat and Charlie tell their stories in alternate voices in this thrilling and thought provoking adventure.

Full of passion and heartbreak, this is a powerful and touching love story. Almost from the start, things begin to go badly wrong.

Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

Tempers rise and both have to learn that love demands trust above all things. From the author of the Richard and Judy Children's Books winner, Girl, Missing comes the final instalment in a terrific teenage love story trilogy, which captures the ups, downs and at times almost unbearable emotions of being in love.

Luke misses Eve and wants her back but, in her absence, he turns to someone else. When Eve does appear, she still wants to be with Luke.

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Winner of the Manchester Children's Book Award The first in the tangled teenage transatlantic love story The first in the tangled teenage transatlantic love story Winner of the Manchester Children's Book Award Best-selling Sophie McKenzie tells a corkscrew of an adventure which pulls no punches about the dangers of terrorism.

Later, the two meet…. Did Nat and his brother have something to do with the bomb? Charlie can only suspect until she and Nat find themselves in very real danger as rival organisations attempt draw them into their terrifying activities.

Working hard for her A levels and living with her Dad and Gemma on the commune she is enjoying life. But her path crosses again with Flynn and the old flames flare up. Can River resist especially as she can see Flynn needs her help? Sophie Mckenzie really knows how to tap into the teen pysche and this, her third terrifically gripping romance is a sensational read. Utterly compelling and both romantic and heart-wrenching the author draws you into the story of bad boy come good, Flynn and girl friend River.

It seems that nothing can stand in their way of happiness but there are powerful secrets lurking which threatens their future together. Madison takes terrifying risks as she bravely searches out the truth.

Time and again she forgives him knowing some of the devils that haunt him. Flynn will have to change. But can he? A tantalising end in expectation of the third part of the series.

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September Book of the Month. Sophie McKenzie's ability to tap into the teen pysche is second to none and here yet again in this the third in her Missing series the first and second were Girl, Missing and Sister, Missing she hits the jackpot with a thrilling and mysterious roller-coaster of a ride that features Lauren's younger sister Madison.

Split Second - Part 3

Now a teenager herself, Madison discovers she's not who she thinks she is which compels to go on a mission; a mission that puts her in grave danger. Bestselling Sophie Mackenzie follows up Girl, Missing with a nail-bitingly tense and action-packed thriller as Lauren, still reeling from her own kidnapping, loses her little sister Madison in the blink of an eye on a crowded beach.

What does the kidnapper want? Click here to read how the author developed the character.

In a Split Second

March Book of the Month. Sophie McKenzie's storytelling powers are second to none whether she's writing thrillers or romance.

Here in Falling Fast there's passion and romance but is it true love for both River and Flynn? Click here to visit Sophie McKenzie's website, packed with information and extras. A Lovereading4kids 'Great Read' you may have missed selection. The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning bestseller, Girl, Missing.

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Sophie McKenzie takes us back to the characters and complex family set-up of her award-winning debut thriller in this nail-bitingly tense sequel. It is also heart-breaking and will have you gripped to the page because the characters are so real. I did!

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I made some notes and put them to one side. The next day I came back to the idea and fleshed it out a little.

Sophie McKenzie reads from Split Second

At last I saw how I could come back to the world of Girl, Missing and extend it into another story! At the start of the first book, Lauren asks herself the question: Who am I?

Split Second by Sophie McKenzie (Paperback, 2014)

At this point she is very concerned with finding a practical answer to that question. Where does she come from?

Split second sophie mckenzie book cover

Who are her birth parents? Who took her away from them? Skip forward two years, to Sister, Missing and Lauren is trying to figure out what kind of person she is. Like many sixteen-year-olds she is pulling away from her parents.

However the most important relationships in Sister, Missing are between Lauren and her sisters. In Girl, Missing Lauren meets little Madison, whom she adores, and rude, unfriendly Shelby whom she loathes. One of the main reasons I wanted to revisit the world of Girl, Missing was to show how these relationships develop over time. Once Lauren was simply the child who went missing. Now, in Sister, Missing, she finds herself responsible for finding and saving her missing sister. This time the four, all of whom have special mind powers, are in serious danger; their mentor has betrayed them and they are on the run.

But, trying to keep one step ahead of the one person in the world who knows all about you is no easy feat. Can the four stay safe or is their cover blown just when it seems there are more Medusa teenagers in other parts of the world? The fourth in this hi-octane series featuring four teenagers, each of whom have different psychic powers, who together can defeat almost anything.

One of them Dylan has her hands chock full as she tries to discover the truth behind his father's death, the scientist who created the medusa gene that gives these children their powers.

It's a roller coaster ride. Fast-paced and thought provoking, this is a thrilling story with a powerful science fiction theme.

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They are warned not to keep in touch but the bond between them is unbreakable and their weekly online chats provide a lifeline for them both. When Rachel mysteriously goes missing, Theo travels swiftly to Scotland and he is soon on the trail of the evil scientist Elijah who created them both and the wicked Aphrodite Experiment which he is conducting.

A sequel to Blood Ties this is also a gripping stand-alone story.