Sinopsis Gu Family Book Episode 20 Spoiler

Sinopsis gu family book episode 20 spoiler

Sinopsis gu family book episode 20 spoiler

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Sinopsis gu family book episode 20 spoiler

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Sinopsis gu family book episode 20 spoiler

Edit this Page Edit Information. Gu Family Book Episode 1 9. Seo Hwa is accused of being the daughter of a traitor and is sent to the ginseng house with her brother and servant. Seo Hwa refuses to become a ginseng and is tied to a tree half… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 2 9. Seo Hwa and her brother escape. She fails and is saved by Wol Ryung.

Seo Hwa stays in the woods with Wol Ryung and fall in love. Wol Ryung in order to stay with Seo Hwa learns he can… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 3 9.

Gu Family Book

Seo Hwa gives birth and gives her baby to So Jung. He is adopted by a family, who becomes prosperous. Gu Family Book Episode 4 9. Despite being warned not to return by Madam Yoon, upon hearing that his Year Inn family is in trouble, Kang Chi arrives just in… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 5 9. After fighting with the illusionist assassin that was sent by Jo Gwan Woong, Kang Chi captures him and he is taken by the guard for questioning. Gu Family Book Episode 6 9.

All the family members of Hundred Year Inn get arrested. Kang Chi is taken away by monk, but he comes back to save them. He is successful in taking away Tae Soo and hides him at a… read more.

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Gu Family Book Episode 7 8. So much happened during that episode, starting with Kang Chi's transformation. At the same time, Chung Jo arrives at the ginseng house which hadn't changed at all. She faces the same… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 8 8.

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Meanwhile, Tae Seo was being hypnotized to believe Kang Chi murdered his father. Kang Chi decides to free Chung Jo from the ginseng… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 9 9. They go on an expedition to the Hundred Year Inn, to try and get the money back. And finally, Kang Chi realizes… read more.

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Gu Family Book Episode 10 9. They have to get the treasure out while Tae Seo and Gon are fighting the soldiers outside. Will… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 11 8. Gu Family Book Episode 12 9. As Tae Seo has taken off Kang Chi's bracelet, he becomes a gumiho again, and Chung Jo gets seriously scared actually she has the same reaction as Seo Hwa, as usual.

Kang Chi then… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 13 9. Kang Chi feels a strange presence in the forest so he asks Gon to help him patrol but not to tell anyone about it.

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Because of his night-disappearances, others in the academy become… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 14 9. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool stay out all night. Worried… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 15 9. Tae Seo successfully convinces Jo Gwan Woong that he has betrayed… read more.

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Gu Family Book Episode 16 9. After Master Gong Dal is attacked by Wol Ryung, Kang Chi decides to take the bell challenge seriously in order to prove his determination about staying in the academy, since everyone… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 17 9. Yeo Wool is kidnapped by Jo Gwan Woong's men. Kang Chi rushes to find her, but she is rescued by Wol Ryung.

They meet in the forest. Wol Ryung asks Kang Chi to abandon his dream of… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 18 9. Gu Family Book Episode 19 9. Seo Hwa reveals her identity to Jo Gwan Woong. Seo Hwa saves Kang Chi but he finds out she is his mother who abandoned him… read more.

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Gu Family Book Episode 20 9. Meanwhile, Kang Chi goes through extensive training with Master Dam. Gu Family Book Episode 21 9.

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Seo Hwa is rescued and taken to the Academy. Kang Chi finally gets to have mother-son moment with… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 22 8. Wol Ryung is finally back to normal and comes back to find Kang Chi one more time and warns him not to give into fear.

Sinopsis gu family book episode 20 spoiler

Kang Chi is determined to become human now that he has complete… read more. Gu Family Book Episode 23 8. Kang Chi tries to break things off with Yeo Wool because of the accident but is convinced by Admiral Lee to abandon such thoughts. Gu Family Book Episode 24 8. We find out that the person that got shot was Yeo Wool and this causes Kang Chi to lose control of his gumiho form.

Jo Gwan Woo is arrested for being a trader and Kang Chi gets the… read more.