School For Good And Evil Book 1

School for good and evil book 1

School for good and evil book 1

Will there be a movie based on the series? Which school would Soman be in?

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All of the answers to your most frequently-asked questions can be found here! The novel is currently being adapted into a screenplay for Universal. Stay tuned for the launch of this page for all the latest SGE Movie news, fantasy casting, and more! Privacy Website by Line Industries. Education Press.


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Click to explore the map. Great Lawn If you can't swim across Halfway Bay, the distance around the lake from the Great Lawn to either of the schools is more than 2 miles. Evil Shore Upon arrival, new Never students are dropped into the sludgy, icky moat on the Evil side of Halfway Bay, where they must make their way to shore—if they can survive the sharp-toothed crogs swimming beneath their feet.

Be careful of Fergus, the magical wave that prevents Nevers from swimming into Ever territory Endless Woods Ever and Never Kingdoms are shrouded in the Endless Woods, which combines forest, jungle, tundra, desert, and every other magical landscape imaginable. A narrow trail leads through the entire Woods, connecting each kingdom. School for Good Only the purest and lightest of hearts are accepted into the School for Good, where you'll take classes like Beautification, Good Deeds, and Animal Communication.

Halfway Bridge The two schools are connected by this narrow stone bridge, which is divided by an invisible barrier.

The School for Good and Evil

Try to cross the barrier and you'll come face to face with your most dangerous enemy… yourself. School Master's Tower No one knows if the School Master is Good or Evil; he wears a mask and lives in this tower, which he rarely leaves, choosing instead to watch over the Storian as it writes its latest tale.

School for good and evil book 1

The Clearing A smooth, lovely field, where the students of Good and Evil have lunch every afternoon. Needless to say, Evers eat with Evers and Nevers with Nevers, with a clear dividing line between the schools.

Tunnel of Trees These tangly, twisty passages lead students from the Clearing back into their respective castles after lunch. But it's often where students hide for secret rendezvous: mischievous, romantic… or both. Blue Forest A forest made up of every blue shade imaginable.

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It's a simulation of the Endless Woods, where students can train safely without fear of being killed… in theory. Malice Evil tower for boys and girls.

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Home of Hester, Anadil, Dot, and Sophie. Mischief Evil tower for boys and girls.

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Vice Evil tower for boys and girls. Purity Good tower for girls. Home of Agatha.

School for good and evil book 1

Charity Good tower for girls. Honor Good tower for boys.

The School for Good and Evil, Book 1

Home of Tedros. Valor Good tower for boys. Find out more.

School for good and evil book 1

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