Scholastic Book Club For Toddlers

Scholastic book club for toddlers

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Yesterday was an exciting day! The first Scholastic Book Club Flyer came home for this school year. I think I get just as excited as the kids do.

Scholastic book club for toddlers

It takes me back to my elementary school days when I would study each and every page of that flyer. Do your kids love getting the Scholastic Book Club Flyers each month at school?

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I know mine do! I love that they get excited about books.

Scholastic book club for toddlers

I wish I could get them every book in there. There are usually some pretty great books to be found if you just look through the online catalog.

Plus lots of these books make great gifts for young readers.

Scholastic book club for toddlers

Scholastic offers lots of different book packs. The one pictured above is a Kindergarten Fall Favorites Pack.

Knives and swords a visual history pdfs

We are definitely getting that one. Another great find was the Fly Guy Adventures Collection pictured above.

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My son always loved all the Fly Guy Books. I hope you find this helpful! It is great to order books from the Scholastic Book Clubs because it provides teachers the opportunity to get free books for the classrooms.

Scholastic book club for toddlers

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