Samurai Girl Book Of The Sword Part 1

Samurai girl book of the sword part 1

The television series entitled Samurai Girl is about the adventures of Heaven.

Samurai Girl, Season 1

Heaven is a young lady who, at the age of just six months, survived a plane clash in which everybody on board the plane died except her. As a result of her survival, the press decided to name her Heaven, saying that she looked like an angel who fell from heaven.

After the accident, a very influential family known as the Kogo family decide to adopt her, and as a result she enjoys many privileges while growing up. She becomes very close to Hiko, but one day he gives her a beautiful necklace and tells her he is leaving for San Francisco to join his friend Jake.

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At the age of nineteen, Heaven's parents decide to marry her off to Teddy Yukimura. On her wedding day, some gangsters storm the event and kill her brother while he is trying to rescue her. Her father is also severely wounded. Heaven comes across Otto, who helps her locate Jake.

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Jake gives her a bag with a fraudulent passport to a monastery which Hiko left for her. She goes to the family hotel and steals her father's laptop. Otto assists her to log into the laptop without a password, and they are amazed to find videos of people being attacked.

Samurai girl book of the sword part 1

They decide to go to a bar and rescue one guy named Noriyuki. When they get there, some guys attack them, and but they succeed in rescuing him and run off.

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Noriyuki tells Heaven many secrets about her father, as well as a prophecy that concerns her, and then decides to leave. Not long after, Hiko dies mysteriously, and Heaven goes to attend his funeral. After the death of Hiko, she runs away from home. She decides to go somewhere and train as a samurai to be able to fight the gangsters that attacked her wedding and avenge her brother's death.

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While the larger picture becomes clearer, Yoshihiko and and his army of genetic freaks go from looming shadow to possible savior of Japan. Meanwhile, Muneakira finds a new power within himself, and along with his trusted Samurai, they steel themselves for the fight ahead. While Gisen has Muneakira trapped in the depths of his own mind, Yoshihiko's return has thrown the girls for a loop Yoshihiko makes his long awaited dreaded?

Samurai girl book of the sword part 1

Gisen lets her true colors be known, much to Jubei's dismay. A new threat arises, and the shadow looming over Great Japan begins to take shape! In order to fill out their ranks, Yukimura and Sen urge Matabei and Hanzo to kiss Muneakira to become Master Samurai, even though the two girls are hesitant to do so. All of that is shoved to the background, however, when a mysterious girl falls from the sky, in the same way that Jubei did.

Hanzo, after realizing how much Sen has changed, wonders if she is still needed.

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When an invisible enemy attacks, their bond is put to the test, and Hanzo decides she must protect the princess at all costs! Karen kidnaps Cheryl in hopes Heaven will follow which will set the wheels in motion to fulfill Heaven's prophesized powers. Heaven needs to reunite with her family to get some important information, so she hatches a plan to get Cheryl and Otto invited to a family dinner so they can distract her father while she gets the information she needs.

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Someone from Jake's past reappears and causes friction between Heaven and Jake, while Heaven must make a decision between Jake and Severin. With the help of Jake, Heaven continues her samurai traing and also discovers secrets about herself and her family.

Heaven and her family prepare for her arranged marriage, which is interupted by a brutal attack ending in her brother's death. Heaven escapes and searches out her late brother's friend, Jake, and begins her samurai training. Samurai Girl is available to watch and stream on FreeForm. Watch Samurai Girl. Watch Full Episodes of Samurai Girl. Season 1 Episode 5 Book of the Shadow Season 1 Episode 4 Book of the Heart. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide.

Samurai girl book of the sword part 1

Season 1 6 full episodes. Episode 10 - Samurai Girls - 10 - The Prison of th Episode 9 - Samurai Girls - 09 - The Return of th Episode 8 - Samurai Girls - 08 - The Slave of the Episode 6 - Book of the Shadow.

Book of the Sword: Part 1

Episode 5 - Book of the Shadow 1. Episode 4 - Book of the Heart. Episode 3 - Book of the Heart 1.

Samurai Girls Episode-01

Episode 2 - The Book of the Sword 2. Episode 1 - The Book of the Sword 1.

Samurai girl book of the sword part 1

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