Pocket Informant For Mac Book

Pocket informant for mac book

Full-featured calendar with integrated full-featured task manager. Informant is a powerful all-access platforms which integrates calendaring tasks and notes management together as full-fledged citizens.

No need to buy separate apps for your time management - Informant handles it all! Use templates or Quick Entry to create new events and tasks quickly. Watch as we bring all the advanced features of our mobile app - Pocket Informant - to the desktop. It's designed to take full advantage of macOS.

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The tabbed interface gives you the ability to have your calendar customized -- not just in one window of the app -- but for each tab.

No other calendar app gives you this kind of power on the desktop.

Informant for iOS

Informant has been at the forefront of the digital-calendar revolution, and we will continue to forge new roads in the next year. Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate. Personal Info Managers. Discover New Mac Apps.

Pocket informant for mac book

Categories Desktop Apps For You. Sign in Create account. Apps For You. Informant 1. Follow this app Developer website. Overview Informant is a powerful all-access platforms which integrates calendaring tasks and notes management together as full-fledged citizens. Our Rich Text Notes editor lets you record audio notes and style rich text notes to your hearts content. Note: We do not sync with Apple Notes as Apple does not yet offer any integration points for Apple Notes Tabbed Interface with Search - Our tabbed interface lets you work with as many tabs as you wish, with each tab showing your choice of calendar view or tasks view.

Search any event, task, or note from the top right with the search field.

Pocket informant for mac book

Search options allow you to narrow or widen your search to only show what you need. Elegant and powerful. They let you create your own filters for tasks with a powerful rule editor - similar to how Apple Mail filters work.

Pocket informant for mac book

You can create filters for tasks in a specific project with a status or specific importance. Whatever you are looking for - our Smart Filters can help you organize your tasks! Pick any date you want to display, and enter new events or tasks using the Quick Entry line.

Pocket Informant for macOS how to create a task

Setup a hotkey to bring up our Natural Language Entry-based Quick Entry screen and create new events or tasks as quickly as you can type them. Drag the popover and it detaches into a calendar window you can have running all the time. With Quick Entry, adding tasks is a snap. Filter, group, tag, and categorize your tasks however you like.

Fanatic Software, Inc.

Includes full support for projects, contexts, subtasks, checklists and multi-level subtasks. Customizable - Informant has always been known to be a powerhouse due to its customizability. We give you plenty of options to affect the appearance of your events, tasks, and notes so you can show as little or as much information as you like.

Templates - Templates let you quickly create an event or task.

Guiding Tech

For example create a Soccer template with a preset title, icon, time, calendar, and tag. Powerful Projects - Set Projects with with a default sync account, templates, due date, and three different project types: Parallel, Sequential, or Single Action.

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Quick Entry - Assign shortcuts to Quick Entry and quickly create new events or tasks using your natural language entry - or create new Notes at any time. Colors and Icons - Color your calendar days to indicate days without using an event. Assign a specific color or icon to an event, task, or note to make it stand out or indicate something special. Syncs with Version 1. Join over , subscribers.

Pocket Informant for iPhone

Informant Screenshots. View Video. Rate this app:. Post review. Most helpful. I was intrigued by this app. Then I saw, it has a subscription model now. Note to the developers, subscription models are good for you - and perhaps good for organizations who buy in volume and are able to fold the cost of upgrades into the cost of doing business. For the rest of us, as the old Apple adage goes, we who "think different", subscription models suck. I am voting no to your app with my dollars withheld.

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And that probably hurts me too as your app looks like I could benefit from it. Too bad, so sad. Subscription models totally suck. I'm just saying. Of course, good advice only matters when you listen to it. Like 4. I like this app.

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One place to edit notes, have multiple tabs with multiple presentations of the data of my calendars and my tasks in the same place. I love this app. I like being able to type in my tasks and events.

Pocket informant for mac book

I really like how I can organize my projects with it. The mobile app is great, and this ads an extra level. I just tested Informant for Mac since I used it on my Palm Treo long time ago and was very happy with it at that time.

When comparing the new version of Informant with BusyCal which I bought and use every day for me Informant offers no real benefit. While BusyCal especially in combination with BusyContacts offers me a lot of additional features Informant couldn't convince me especially by its design. And if I select a single contact in a separate window another separate window pops up. The overall interface seems not to be developed by a professional designer.

11 Informant Reviews

Here's where Fantastical IMHO clearly leads in this space which I bought, too — but don't use it anymore because of the clear superiority of BusyCal-BusyContacts combo's features for my needs. So no need to discuss Informant's pricing which would lead to further concerns with its subscription model. I want to love this app so much. I have been using it for a few years and now with version 5 on iOS and their unreal subscription model, I don't think I can.

I do love the dark theme, it looks great, but the cost of a subscription plus the cost of the desktop app is just too much. Version 5 would probably suit me just fine as I just need a fantastic week calendar layout, I'm still up in the air. Like 2. First le me say I am a long time user of PI. It all started with the Palm and now on iOS.

Until PI5, I was very happy with both apps and support etc. Except for a new UI they have also changed to an subscription model. Well to be honest I won't wait and will further focus on BusyCal and Fantastical. Both apps are gerat on both iOS and macOS without any subscription model Like 1. I have been using Informant for years and find it invaluable.

Pocket Informant HD for iPad

It's on my iPhone and iPad one purchase for both. I like the fact that it includes Contacts, Calendars, Notes. It is on the home screen on my devices and I use it many times a day. There are better Task apps e.

Maximizing mobile productivity with Pocket Informant (review)

Syncing by way of Informant Sync almost instantly and has been flawless. Then you must use Reminders on iOS to have to do functionality. Informant is all inclusive. Documentation is excellent and the few times I have contacted support with questions, they have been very responsive, friendly and helpful. They communicate frequently about upcoming developments and thing they are working on. There is nothing I dislike about this app. I highly recommend that you at least try it. I tried this once before and it wasn't for me.

But with a new version I wanted to try it again. However once you have downloaaded it Fanatic Software won't let you try it again.