Pitch Perfect Book Synopsis Websites

Pitch perfect book synopsis websites

November 3, by Penny 7 Comments. Every author wants book reviews — they help build buzz, inform potential readers and buyers about your book and when done well, give enough information about your book to intrigue without giving away all the pertinent details.

5 Steps for Crafting the Perfect Book Review Pitch

Simplicity rules : Your email subject line should be brief, yet clear. Then, onto the pitch itself. That review space has been shrinking for years, anyway. Meanwhile, there has been considerable growth in book blogging and reviewing online; but even with that growth there are still far more books being published than bloggers available to review them. Understand that most reviewers do this as a labor of love and make little to no money.

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Their review blogs are not full-time endeavors, but something they work into their already busy lives. Learning how to make the best first impression possible when you send that pitch is vital.

Book Review: Pitch The Perfect Investment

Use it! Do they specialize in reviewing books in your genre?

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Very catchy and appropriate for the book! They will follow up by clicking through on links, so make sure your website has all the necessary information about you and your book. If you did your homework during your research phase you may know some things about this blogger that might help you get a review request.

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Ba sics count: Make sure you include all the basic book information in the email:. And include your website link.

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This should also be included on your PR, which you will send out with copies of your book. Timeframe for replies: You may or may not hear back right away. Each blogger has a different schedule — some people check email daily, others may only check weekly. Be patient. Seek reviews from other bloggers.

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Additional pitching options: Fiction and nonfiction authors may take a different approach when pitching. For fiction, it may make sense to seek bloggers who review books in your genre; but if your fictional book covers topics that you are an expert in, you may have some other options. For instance, if you heavily researched the history of a city or a historical figure you may find bloggers who are history buffs who might be open to reviewing your book.

Sometimes it helps to brainstorm a list of topics from your book, fact or fiction, in order to generate ideas of what type of publications or bloggers or reviewers you should target. Darren Rowse at ProBlogger covers this really well on his blog, and his blog is worth following.

Pitch perfect book synopsis websites

Two useful articles include:. While your PR piece is something you can send out to alert the world to your book and also post to various sites online, it is also a vital document that should be included with every review copy you send out.

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Pitch perfect book synopsis websites

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Pitch Perfect: How to Craft Your Book’s Hook

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Pitch perfect book synopsis websites

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