Perfect You By Elizabeth Scott Book Review

Perfect you by elizabeth scott book review

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott tells the story of Kate Brown, a sophomore in high school who is convinced her life could not get any worse.

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Kate is forced to work with him and she hates it. To make things worse, Kate has just lost her best friend Anna. Anna went away for the summer and when she came back skinnier and prettier than ever before, she just stopped talking to Kate. Kate was devastated. However, she is weirdly attracted to him, too. I really wanted to love this book.

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The story was a good one. I thought the whole working at the mall vitamin booth thing was a little weird at first, but it all makes sense in the context of the story.

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Just like I wanted to love the book, I wanted to love Kate. I get that the book was trying to portray an angsty teenager, but Kate took it too far.

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I felt down the whole book because Kate complained the entire time. I got so frustrated reading the book and I wanted to shake Kate and tell her to snap out of her funk. One character that I did love was Will.

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What a great male character. This was a pretty quick read.

Perfect you by elizabeth scott book review

This still sounds cute and I really want to try Elizabeth Scott's books, but maybe I'll start with a different one! Great review!

Perfect you by elizabeth scott book review

I love Elizabeth Scott books but I haven't read this one yet. It's always great when the males are great characters and not just the females! Read my story here.

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Perfect you by elizabeth scott book review

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Perfect you by elizabeth scott book review