Paradise Lost Book 4 Line By Line Analysis Civil Disobedience

Paradise lost book 4 line by line analysis civil disobedience

Within lines , Satan seemingly becomes jealous at the sight that he sees, enraging him that this is a life which he could never have, - no matter how much he may desire it as he brings hell everywhere with him; "His troubled thoughts and from the bottom stir the hell within him, for within him hell He brings, and round about him, nor from hell One step no more than from himself can fly" book 4, lines In lines , Satan recalls what he was before he was a fallen angel as he looks upon what could have been his life, and looks at what he currently is - the center of all things evil, all things sinister.

Paradise Lost

Satan seems almost depressed as he is about to begin his speech of how he sees his life, and what his possible options may be. Satan describes how he hates even the sun beams because it reminds him of the glorious place from which he fell. He recalls the easy work in heaven and admits that the least he could have done was thank God.

Paradise Lost - Book 4 - John Milton

But, feeling that he would always be in debt to Him, Satan became burdened. He describes how Satan's countenance changes between rage, envy and despair and warns that these emotions are not found among inhabitants of heaven and could therefore betray Satan. He in turn, realizes this fact himself and tries to look even-tempered again.

Paradise lost book 4 line by line analysis civil disobedience

The speaker sees in that behaviour a sign for the first creature that hid meanness under fair appearance. In his belief of being unobserved, Satan goes down the Assyrian mount towards the border of Paradise.

Paradise Lost Summary

Uriel, however, who has been warned of an intruder, is vigilant and recognizes Satan by his still relatively wild behaviour. Subsequently, the speaker describes Eden as Satan sees it when he approaches: It is a place of green plants growing ranks and a hill in between that looks as if it governed the area.

Eden is located on top of the hill cf.

Paradise lost book 4 line by line analysis civil disobedience

Footnote , however, the place is described as unsurmountable because of the thicket that grows on the sides of the hill and levels of shade coming from trees that rank endlessly from the top of the hill into the air. From line onwards the speaker describes Paradise as the most beautiful place one can imagine: it grows trees with delicious fruits and it appears in splendid colours.

Paradise lost book 4 line by line analysis civil disobedience

Footnote Interestingly, the speaker ascribes features to Paradise which he only knows from storytelling of his time and which cannot have existed in the time where Paradise Lost is set. Subsequently Satan enters Paradise and does not seem displeased with the smell that approaches him. The thicket had proved impassable to Satan, but on the eastern side of the hill he has found a gate over which he has lept like a hungry wolf or a thief who knows no fears.

Once inside Paradise, Satan rests on the Tree of Life which is the highest among all trees.

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Satan uses it as a mere lookout and is unaware of the fact that the tree would have given eternal life if it had been used properly. However, the tree serves its purpose as lookout well and Satan observes the whole of Paradise, including the Tree of Knowledge which grows close to the Tree of Life.

Moreover, a fountain is described which adds water to a river that extends itself into four different directions and into different landscapes. More trees are mentioned, as well as thornless roses and a lake.

Footnote explains that the roses are thornless because the fall has not yet occured. The speaker goes on to describe four different notions of Paradises that have been introduced over the course of history, only to claim that none could be compared with Eden.

Paradise Lost

Finally, Adam and Eve appear in front of Satan's eyes and they are depicted with the best traits, truth, wisdom and sanctitude, and are said to resemble God. However, they are not fully equal because of their different sexes.

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Above that, Adam has been designed for contemplation, Eve for softness and grace and she has not directly been designed in the image of God, but from Adam's flesh and the speaker ascribes a look of subjugation to her. Both are still unaware of the evilness that is soon to come into Paradise and fruit fall to their feet when they are hungry.

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The two humans are surrounded by animals, including a serpent. The whole scene is also observed by Satan who then begins to speak about what he sees.

Paradise Lost

His envy peaks as he rants about how he plans to drag Adam and Eve into hell where they can bear their offspring and enjoy the scenery.

He says that he will exact his revenge on them because of their innocence. In a way readers are meant to see Satan as almost maniacal as he sits perched on the Tree of Life and plotting to talking himself.

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All that is missing is the infamous evil laugh. He takes the guise of many different animals in order to get closer to them. Even though him taking the shape of an animal was necessary, it seemed unnecessary to take the form of so many.

Paradise lost book 4 line by line analysis civil disobedience

Does anyone think that him taking the form of a lion was symbolic in any way as Romans occasionally threw Christians to the lions.