Old Book Collection Islamabad Club

Old book collection islamabad club

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How you can tell the difference between a first edition, first printing, and a book club edition of a collectible book — and why it matters! So, you have just entered the world of book collecting, and have probably realized that the task of properly identifying collectible books is not as simple as it first appears.

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You know that first edition printings describe a book that is likely to be worth more than a second printing or later edition, but what of that hardcover on your shelf that appears to be a bit smaller than the others? Is that worth something, too? What is a Book Club Edition?

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Just as in standard book-collecting, the indicators vary between the different book clubs. There are some general rules that do apply that can help you to correctly identify BCE:. You can also search for a bookseller in your area to assist you in identifying and valuing your book for the standard appraisal rates.

Often, the same printing plates from trade editions are used to print the book club version. Some of the more unscrupulous sellers may cut the corners even on a BCE to make it appear that there was once a price listed, making it harder to identify correctly.

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Are there any Book Club Editions that are collectible? There are some Book of the Month and Book Club publishers that are more respected in the field of book collecting. Easton Press, The First Edition Society of the Franklin Library , the Limited Editions Club, the Book Club of California have all produced some high quality books, signed editions, and first edition, first printing of titles that have become valuable.

Old book collection islamabad club

There are some titles that first appeared in hardback form as a book club edition after first being printed in paperback. While they are not first editions, they stand up to time better than the paperbacks and may have value, if for nothing else, as a good reading copy. Not sure about my GWTW. Thanks for your info. Susan, I am sorry this comment was unnoticed until now.

Understanding Rare Books

Is this the same as yours? No roman numerals. Just by picking the book up will give you your first clue.

Old book collection islamabad club

Good tip, Mike! Thank you — the smaller size and lighter weight are a dead giveaway for sure. These I believe might be sought after by conservative readers.

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Hi, thanks for the article. Very informative. So, are there any exceptions to this rule? Occasionally; however, book club editions are not true 1st editions.

Old book collection islamabad club

They are often reprints of the 1st editions, but very rarely worth money. The signature itself might be worth a bit, but it depends on how often that author has signed their name for fans, really! Are all non book club hardcover books made with acid free paper?

Old book collection islamabad club

Are any book club books made with acid free paper? Is it definately a book club ediyion?

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Old book collection islamabad club

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