Nyc Housing Connect Address Book

Nyc housing connect address book

Questions about admissions?

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Contact us at ESEnrollment schools. Apply to kindergarten by Tuesday, January 21, Kindergarten admissions is not first come, first served—all applications submitted by the deadline are treated the same based on admissions priorities.

Nyc housing connect address book

Language Services - Interpretation and Translations If you call or visit us and speak a language other than English, ask for an interpreter.

Application support is available in over languages.

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Families with Multiple Children Applying to Kindergarten If you have more than one child applying to kindergarten and want your children to attend the same school, you will have the option to apply for both or all children at the same time.

Need Help? Visit a Family Welcome Center Our Family Welcome Centers are here to provide application support and answer your kindergarten admissions questions. Visit our website for the most up-to-date information on Family Welcome Centers, including hours, locations, and which centers are closest to each district. Find your school district by entering your address at schools. All New York City children born in will begin kindergarten in September and are guaranteed a kindergarten seat at a public school.

Once your child starts kindergarten, they can remain at the same school until its final elementary grade.

All children born in and currently a New York City resident can apply to kindergarten. Admissions to kindergarten programs are open to all students of this age, including current pre-K students at DOE public schools, pre-K centers, NYC Early Education Centers, charter schools, and private or parochial schools.

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Students currently attending pre-K at a public elementary school still need to apply to kindergarten. Every elementary school is expected to welcome and serve students with disabilities in accordance with their Individualized Education Programs IEPs. To participate in kindergarten admissions, students with disabilities follow the same steps as their general education peers.

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Learn more about special education services for kindergarten students. The NYC Department of Education is committed to providing students with accessibility needs with an elementary school placement that allows the student to access all relevant programs and services.

NYC Kindergarten Admissions Guide

For the most up-to-date information on school building accessibility, check our website and contact schools directly or visit them in person. Families with students in temporary housing should apply to kindergarten programs even if their housing situation is uncertain.

They are not required to submit documentation including address, proof of date of birth, and immunization records in order to participate in an admissions process or enroll in school.

Every child in New York City has a right to a public school education, regardless of immigration status. By law, children may not be asked to present documentation of immigration status, nor can they be denied admission, registration, or enrollment in school based on immigration status.

Public schools are at the center of our democracy and remain safe places for all students, families, and educators.

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All of our schools welcome and support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning students , families, and staff. Contact schools directly to learn about open houses or to ask questions. Visit them to meet faculty and tour the campus. Most NYC families have a zoned school, which means they live in an area zoned for a specific school and their children have priority to attend it.

Your zoned school, if you have one, is the school where your child is most likely to go to kindergarten. Most zoned schools make kindergarten offers to all students living in the zone. Some zoned schools have room to make offers to children living outside of their zone. These schools do not have a zone. Families throughout the district or borough can attend them. Most non-zoned schools give priority to students who have older siblings attending, who are current pre-K students, or who live in the district.

New York City has 32 school districts.

Nyc housing connect address book

These districts are:. Magnet schools are public school options that provide a school-wide curriculum designed around a specific theme. They are intended to attract a diverse pool of applicants and historically have accommodated students from outside their zone or district.

Nyc housing connect address book

There is one elementary school that requires an audition as part of its admissions process. When you apply to kindergarten, you are not just applying to schools—you are applying to programs.

Most elementary schools have only one program, but some have two or more, such as a general education program and a Dual Language program. In your kindergarten application, you will be able to see both the school and program name for each of your choices. In Dual Language DL programs, students are taught in two languages. The goal is for English proficient students and English Language Learners to not only develop new language skills and learn academic subjects in two languages, but also practice and share language and culture with each other, becoming bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.

Charter schools are free public schools that are open to all New York City students and that operate independently from the Department of Education DOE. Instead, charter schools operate under a performance contract, or charter, issued by a New York State authorizer.

Charter schools are accountable for meeting specific academic goals and often try different approaches to ensure their students meet these goals.

How to Apply

Charter schools have a separate kindergarten application process. If you would like to apply to kindergarten at a charter school, please contact that school directly to learn about their enrollment and admissions.

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Any student eligible for admission to a DOE public school is eligible for admission to a public charter school. Some charters may also offer pre-K as the primary entry year. Visit schools. All NYC children born in are guaranteed a kindergarten seat in a public school. It helps to start by learning how offers are made. Students get kindergarten offers based on four key factors:. Your child will get an offer to your highest possible choice considering the factors above.

Some elementary schools also offer Dual Language program or programs. Schools vary in size and demand.

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When a kindergarten program has more applicants than seats, a waitlist is created for that program. Your child will be automatically added to the waitlist for any school that you placed higher on the application than the school where they got an offer.

Schools can contact families directly if they are able to offer their child a seat. Your child has a better chance of getting an offer from some schools than others.

The higher priority your child has to attend a school, the higher the chance that your child will get an offer to that school. If a school made offers to a specific group of students in , they may be able to make offers to this group again.

For example, if a school was able to make offers to children living outside of their zone who had an older sibling in the school, they may be able to make offers to siblings living outside of the zone again.

Nyc housing connect address book

Elementary schools offer an admissions priority to applicants whose siblings attend the same school. To make sure your child gets sibling priority, be sure to provide sibling information when you apply. This includes students enrolled in District 75 programs in the same school building.

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If your child is currently enrolled in pre-K at a DOE public elementary school, they will have an admissions priority to attend kindergarten at that school. Not all elementary schools have pre-K. Most schools give an admissions priority to students in their own district over students who live in other districts. Tip : Use MySchools to see which zoned schools admitted non-zoned students last year. Different non-zoned schools have different admissions priorities, but most non-zoned schools give an admissions priority to students who live in the same district as the school.

Some districts—such as Districts 1, 7, and 23 have district-specific admissions priorities. Elementary schools across the city are participating in an effort to increase diversity in their programs by giving admissions priorities to students who qualify for free and reduced lunch FRL , students in temporary housing, English Language Learners, and other groups. Learn more about the current list of schools participating in diversity pilots.

School Visits. Contact schools directly to find out if they have special events, open houses, or school tours, or check on our website for open house dates.


Tip: When visiting schools, always ask questions. On sign-in sheets at events, write your contact information clearly. Students Families. Welcome to kindergarten admissions! Here's how to get started: Sign up for the Kindergarten Admissions email list.

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With MySchools , you can explore your kindergarten options and find choices for your application. Learn more below. Apply to Kindergarten Apply to kindergarten by Tuesday, January 21, Save or list your favorite programs. Apply one of three ways by Tuesday, January 21, Online with MySchools.

By phone at Call us Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. The deadline to apply by phone is January 21 at 6pm. In person at a Family Welcome Center. Visit us Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm and Friday from 8am to 3pm.

Find locations and hours on our website. You can apply in person in over languages. If you speak a language other than English, ask for an interpreter.