Midna X Link Pretty Baby Book

Midna x link pretty baby book

A whole year passed since the day link left Ordon Village to go on a journey across hyrule along with his horse Epona. Back at the ranch Link was overwhelm by question from everyone in the village wanting to know where he's been for the last year, but the numerous question made it impossible.

Leaving Colin at the ranch with the rest of the children, link decided to ask his childhood friend what she's been up to but before anyone could say a word they were all interrupted by the sudden appearance of Fado the main herder stepping out of his home.

As all three hands advanced link had his eye on the red hair one that approached him first.

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Ilia tried to lead epona away but the mare refused to move showing signs of concern for link but a soft look from him convinced her to leave with ilia. Racing back to his house link was very surprise to see his home was still in great shape guessing that ilia had something to do with that. Once inside link gathered everything all he needed for the bath house including his ordon clothes to prepare for tonight.

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Laying down link quickly close his eye trying to get some rest but a sudden sound caused him wake up but not in his room inside a room that was completely black. She said placing her hand on his cheek.

Jumping to his feet he was ready to yell at the one who ruined his dream but quickly held his voice when he realized it was Uli reminding him about the party later. Reaching into his bag link pulled out what used to be the Shadow Crystal a gift left behind by midna. Rendering it nothing more than a souvenir but there still some problem such as his new instincts could take control at times, as he gazed up the stone a thought ran though him mind.

Gazing upon link's home from a distance as he watched the hero leaves was a golden figure in the form of wolf with one red eye watching with sadness for the last member of his blood line who's been hiding his pain well for a long time. Leaving her yeaning for adventure like the one she had with link despite the circumstances that brought her to him it was a blessing despite the way she treated link at first it was through him that her view on the light dwellers changed resulting in her developing feeling for due.

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Due to feeling it could never work out she destroyed the only thing connecting their worlds leaving behind not just the hero who saved her kingdom but the man who won her heart. Link could see that epona wasn't happy; Ilia had woven different roses into her mane, unknown to everyone except link epona didn't like roses. After the story all of the children went to play with epona who was more than happy to give rides to them. Wanting to test link's progress as a knight Rusi challenged him to a duel while the other looked on, at first it appeared that they were evenly matched until link began showing off sword skills that no one seen before while becoming aggressive winning the duel.

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Surprising everyone mainly Rusi who knew that those moves were from an ancient style that has not been seen for centuries. Turing around she found a man standing in ancient gold hyrule armor fashion after a wolf, midna became shocked when she saw the man's face as it looked just like link.

The party was over everyone had gone to bed to prepare for the next day, as link lay awake he found himself unable to sleep. Unable to get midna out his head, she was the motivation of his journey searching for a way to see her again but failed now home still longing for the princess he loves.

Dashing out of his window link made his way north to the ordon forest, running through the forest help clear link's mind as the full moon light beamed down on him. After a while of running link became very thirsty deciding to quench it at the ordon spring, reaching the spring link wasted no time drinking from it.

Midna x link pretty baby book

Hearing a voice link gritted his teeth ready to fight whoever it was but upon seeing who it was all he could say was…. Then taken to each of the light spirits who used their powers to balance out the dark magic by creating a protection spell then taken to Zelda who place on it improvements that would help midna live a normal life in hyrule. Upon seeing midna the surprise was so strong that link lost focus returning to his Hylian form, to midna shock link had nothing on but underwear.

There was nothing but silence until link found the courage to speak. Leaning in to finally kiss her midna found herself being drawn in as she began moving in to kiss him back.

Midna x link pretty baby book

What was left of her doubt was still trying to get her stop but it was too late. The feeling felt wonderful like the thing that was missing in both their live was found. Slowly breaking away midna fully accepted that she wanted to stay with link but she still wish she had more to offer to hero physically.

Midna x link pretty baby book

Suddenly midna felt a strange sensation causing to break away much to link's concern but had no time to voice any when he noticed that midna had somehow became a little taller. Midna herself was also shock realizing that she discovered the improvement the hero told her, the ability to adjust her physical form.

Testing out her new ability midna made herself even taller equaling ilia in height but stopping a head shorter than link's. Link watched in awe as midna's breasts began growing larger until they were big enough to rival telma's. Pressing new body against link rubbing her chest against his while she asked him. Wanting to stop the questions midna pulled link into another kiss this time she slipped her tongue into his mouth surprised a first link found himself doing the same.

The make out session only lasted for a short while but to them it felt longer as they slowly broke apart. The feeling of midna tits on his chest along with his hands resting on her ass was greatly arousing link thought he tried to remain in control he could not stop the raging hard on developing but only hopping midna won't notice.

Midna x link pretty baby book

Cutting link off midna took his left hand moving it between her legs letting feel how wet her pussy is. After a few seconds link's rational mind retook control causing him stop much to midna annoyance. Deciding to make one logical choice link scooped midna into his arms carrying back to the village.

Agreeing with link midna enjoy being carried in link's arm, half way to the village link realized something that made him smile.

Changing targets link began playing with midna's new tits licking her nipples while squeezing them. Link wasn't planning on it as began sucking on her nipple hard as if he was trying to suck milk out of them. Dropping to her knees midna moved in front of link, grabbing his trousers yanking it down.

Freeing his cock midna was surprising at the size as she had underestimated the size leading her to ask. Lowing her mouth midna began giving him the blowjob of his life, link never felt anything so great before.

Link and Midna - (Pretty baby)

Knowing link was enjoying her service she decided take it up a notch becoming more aggressive. Link felt the wolf inside taking over as his moan began to sound like a wolf howling. Midna decided to finish link off sucking as hard as she could pushing him over the edge. Midna took in as much cum as she could but lost some, midna loved the taste of Link's cum it had a bittersweet flavor that she instantly became addicted to.

Midna x link pretty baby book

Jumping to her feet midna turned around sticking her ass out at link as she bent over giving link a perfect view of her big round ass. Using her hair to create a hand midna pushed link's face into her ass, the hero showed no resistance but he did feel his wolf side taking over as he spread her cheeks apart. Diving in link's nose was press against her ass how while his mouth went to work eating out her pussy.

Pushing his tongue inside her began thrashing her inner walls, link became an animal despite being his first he was pleasuring her like a pro.

Releasing right into his mouth link swallowed as he could while savoring the flavor of midna's love juice. Barely able to stand she was caught by link who had pulled her into a embrace. Laying link flat midna straddled him positioning her pussy above the tip of his dick, lower herself she became filled with pleasure as she moaned along with link as he went deeper inside her but it turned to nervousness when the tip of his dick reached her hymen. Slowly the pain became weaker while the pleasure became stronger.

Soon the pain was gone leaving nothing but pleasure.

Midna x link pretty baby book

No longer able to hold back link came inside midna filling her up with his seed until nothing was left. Resting her head under link's chin while the sound of his beating heart lulled her to sleep, midna thought back to what the hero's shade said before about returning to the twilight realm deciding not. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Legend of Zelda. A year after the event of twilight princess, the hero of time gives midna the power to return to be with link but at a price.

Ordon Ranch Back at the ranch Link was overwhelm by question from everyone in the village wanting to know where he's been for the last year, but the numerous question made it impossible.

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