Mediawiki Collection Book Rendering Failed

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

See Terms of Use for details. There is a discussion here which is suggesting that the Wikipedia Books function be withdrawn. The RfC concerns user interface hooks to the collection extension and the discussion has broadened into the whole Books namespace and this software.

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You are invited to contribute. I understand that PediaPress are, or were, heavily involved in maintaining this extension. Anybody who knows their full relationship with the WMF would also be more than welcome to give a clarification, as the upload link to their PoD service is also being criticised. Thank you for the heads up. I will try to clarify as much as I can.

Steelpillow , thanks for vouching for the Collection extension. Once we have the resources, we'll try and figure out a solution to get it back up and running.

We're anxiously waiting for a new version of the Collection extension and we will happily devote some ressources maintaining and improving it. Tinss : The book rendering service is new, the collection extension will need only small updates to link to it.

en.wikipedia facility under discussion

I do not know if he will accept help, but you can ask. His user page here seems very out of date. It is available but needs some work, both on the software, which is written in an unusual language called Haskell, and on the service configuration.

I think he will be glad of some proper help.

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

I have 2 environments that I hope think are identical. They are both setup with:. In the Dev environment, Collection works perfectly. In the Prod environment, I'm seeing this error:. Is this likely some system configuration thing? This was a DNS issue. Hi, I am getting the same error.

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I am getting same error after enabling SSL. Could you share how did you resolve this issue. I need help with that, too. OCG has been withdrawn. The only conversion functionality specified for its replacement is to PDF.

Should the information given on this page be updated accordingly, or should it be left because the Collection extension remains theoretically capable of supporting it all?

Using A Self Hosted MediaWiki As A Private Documentation Server with Visual Editor

I'm using MediaWiki 1. I tried to install and configure the Collection extension with the following LocalSettings. Using --print-template-pattern only.

Reading/Web/PDF Rendering

Please any one can help? I'm using wiki 1. I have the same problem. I use trunk version of this extention and MW My settings:. You need to specify credentials for the pdf generation to work.

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If this works then you are good to go - without the --username and --password it would not work. This post was posted by Still not working for me.

Anyone else having better luck? Newbie on this extension, i have spend my time to have the solution of this. You need more than just the module, you must install some local server to translate your wiki page on pdf file. You must install firt the tool to access to module install pip. So I have done this process, but it is still not running.

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The command line is OK. On the log. A file with 0 octet size stay on the cache directory. THe firewall on is open. The cache directory is permission for the moment. I don't find the solution. Is there anybody that a complete install process working?? This one is a life-saver. I just added this info to the extensions page. Thank you for sharing. When following your instructions I discovered some issues on my Centos server.

Below is a quote from your instructions:.

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I know this thread is quite old but encountered this problem and none of the suggested fixes worked for me. Just in case anyone else has the same issue still, I thought I'd post my solution.

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I'm running a private render server on the same server as our Wiki. CentOS 6. For me, this got rid of the "RuntimeError: command failed with returncode " error as it seems that, regardless of what is set in LocalSettings. I fixed this by replacing. Solved, again the old issue with "localhost" and " I supposed that the issue was removed, but I was wrong. There is a check for the incoming addres in file nserve.

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

Comment the statement or set its return to True. I'm trying to setup a render server on a Ubuntu Render server is a separate server. I checked my render server against Wikipedia Article with. Any Idea? I am the admin on a low volume wiki that uses this extension.

Hi, I've been trying to set up the Collection extension on my own rendering server, so I can generate pdf files from my wiki. So far no luck. Here's where I am:.

I can read those pdf files, so I know my basic render farm setup is working.

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

The problem is that I cannot get it to work with anything other than wikipedia. I as using Mediawiki 1. Variables that I am using in LocalSettings file are as follows:.

Rendering failed

I can't even begin to work on the actual extension interface until I have this working Any suggestions? Where do I go next?

I would really appreciate any kind of help or just point me in the right direction, coz I am banging my head here. Hello Solanki. Is your server running on Ubuntu?

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

If so did you read Setup a render server on Ubuntu If you follow the guide you should be able to get your server up and running. It currently explains how to setup on Ubuntu When I am done I will update Setup a render server on Ubuntu Hi Felipe.

No, my server is running on RHEL 6.

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

Now, this is what's boggling my mind. I have almost gone through every document possible. Errors related to different sites are given above.

Mediawiki collection book rendering failed

I'm getting this exact error "cannot guess api url Could some one please advise with solution for this issue? It would be really appreciated! Getting the following error when running my own rendering server:.