Lotro Volume 2 Book 4 Chapter 1

Lotro volume 2 book 4 chapter 1

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As you journey through Middle-Earth, your character will have the opportunity to become a hero of Middle-Earth as you aid both the Fellowship and the Free Peoples with what is called the "Epic" quest line. This story is interwoven with J. Tolkien's epic fantasy, both working alongside it - in a story created specifically for The Lord of the Rings Online - and crossing-over into it at important or interesting moments.

After completing the first eight books of Volume 1, you will be granted the title A Light from the Shadow.

Lotro volume 2 book 4 chapter 1

Completing all Volume 1 books up to and including Book 15 will grant you the title Bearer of Hope. Completing all of Volume 2 up to and including Book 9 shall reward you with the title Stalwart against the Shadow. Completing all 14 books of Volume 3 will earn you the title Friend to the Heir of Isildur. Epic Introduction.

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Book I - Stirrings in the Darkness. Book IV - Chasing Shadows. Book V - The Last Refuge. Book X - The City of the Kings. Book XV - Daughter of Strife.

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Book I - The Walls of Moria. Book II - Echoes in the Dark.

Lotro volume 2 book 4 chapter 1

Book IV - Fire and Water. Book V - Drums in the Deep. Book IX - Fortress of the Nazgul.

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Epilogue - Of Elves and Dwarves. Book I - Oath of the Rangers.

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Book IV - Rise of Isengard. Book V - The Prince of Rohan.

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Book VI - Mists of Anduin. Book X - Snows of Wildermore. Book I - The Road to Gondor. Book V - The Ride of the Rohirrim. Chapter 1 - Where the Shadows Lie.

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Chapter 4 - Union of Evil. Chapter 5 - Legacy of the Necromancer. Chapter 6 - Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone. Chapter 7 - The Iron Hills. Chapter 8 - The Grey Mountains. Chapter 9 - The Grey Mountains. Chapter 10 - The Vales of Anduin.

Lotro volume 2 book 4 chapter 1

Chapter 11 - Mordor Besieged. Chapter 12 - Mordor Besieged. Chapter 13 - Imlad Morgul. Chapter 14 - Imlad Morgul. From Lotro-Wiki.

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