Little Book Of Cockney Rhyming Slang Translator

Little book of cockney rhyming slang translator

Translator login - Forum login new posts New: Freelang for Android! Click here or look up 'Freelang' on Google Play. This dictionary was made by Bertrand Girardi. Alan Minter Splinter Picked up this wood and got a terrible Alan in me finger.

Little book of cockney rhyming slang translator

Apple Fritter Bitter beer I've tried that new apple but I prefer my salmon [Salmon and trout - stout]. April Showers Flowers I forgot it was my anniversary, so I picked some aprils on the way home. Are you sure? Every now and again they throw a curve at you. One person has suggested that, not being familiar with Aristotle, early Cockney's might have assumed the name was Harry Stottle! Army and Navy Gravy Can I have some army for my mashed? Arnold Palmer Farmer see usage e's a right Arnold.

I love this one - it refers to a golfer who spends a lot of time in the long grass around a course Artful Dodger Lodger She's taken in an artful to help pay the way. Arthur Bliss was a famous English composer Ayrton Senna Tenner ere, lend us an aryton me old china.

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Meaning he's always planning something crooked. See also Cook. Babbling Brook Cook My missus couldn't babble to save her life. See also Crook. Bacon and Eggs Legs Lovely set of bacons. Bacon Rind Blind Are you completely bacon? Bacon Sarnie Pakistani They've hired a new bloke at the shop - he's a bacon. Sarnie is a slang term for sandwich and if you haven't eaten a cold bacon sandwich you haven't lived.

Balloon Car Saloon Bar I'll be at the balloon.

Little book of cockney rhyming slang translator

Ballroom Blitz Tits breasts She's got marvellous ballrooms. Ballroom Blitz is a song by a group named Sweet.


Barn Owl Row argument Went up to the dole office today. Not satisfied with the slang, the word is extended to 'Barney' to thoroughly confuse everyone. Barnaby Rudge Judge I'm up in front of the Barnaby tomorrow morning.

He's really Barney. Battle Cruiser Boozer liquor store I've got to get to the battle before I go to the party. Biffo the Bear was on the cover of Beano from to Bird's Nest Chest I had to punch him in the bird's nest. Biscuits and Cheese Knees I've been on my biscuits all day. Boat Race Face Nice legs, shame about the boat. Also a good song by The Monks. Sergeant Bob Cryer is a character in "The Bill". Bobby Moore was a great footballer who died in Boiler House Spouse Me boiler's always yammerin' on.

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Bonney Fair Hair She's got beautiful shiny bonney. Boom and Mizzen Prison e's off to the boom for a bit. Bo-Peep Sleep What I need is a good bo-peep.

Borassic Lint Skint broke He's right boric. Boris Karloff Cough That's a nasty old boris you've got there son. Usually the full slang expression is used. Use your best Cockney accent here. Bowl of Fruit Suit Are you wearing your bowl of fruit tonight? Bowler Hat Chat Let's get together for a bowler.

Box of Toys Noise Hold your box - they can hear you miles away! Brace and Bits Tits breasts Blimey - what a brace! Brad Pitt Tit breast Nice pair of brads.

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Brass Tacks Facts Ere, you've got your brass wrong! Usually full slang expression is used. Bread and Cheese Sneeze I hate allergies - one good bread after another.

Little book of cockney rhyming slang translator

Bread and Honey Money Let's drink with him - he's got bread. This one has enjoyed very common usage. Briney Marlin Darlin' You look lovely tonight, me old briney. Bristol Cities Titties breasts She's got a lovely pair of Bristols. He's brown bread Bruce Lee's Keys Have you seen me brucies? Bubble and Squeak Greek E's not a bad bloke for a bubble. Bucket and Pail Jail One drink too many and I get seven days in the bucket.

Bull and Cow Row argument Had a right bull with my misses last night.

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This works if you mispronounce window Burton on Trent Rent They've raised my burton again. Bushel and Peck Neck He's got a bushel like tree trunk. Butcher's Hook Look Here - take a butcher's at this. C Cab Rank Bank I won't be long - just going to the cab rank.

Can of Oil Boil e'd be nice looking once his canov's clear up.

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Chalk Farm Arm He broke his chalk. Cheerful Giver Liver Lovely - cheerful for dinner tonight. Cherry Hogg Dog My bloody cherry is off again. Chinese Blind Mind You're out of you little chinese mate. Claire Rayner is an author. A clanger is when you really put your foot in it. Cobbler's Awls Balls testicles Go on! Kick him in the cobblers! Can also be used to express disbelief, such as "Cobblers! That's not the way it is.

Little book of cockney rhyming slang translator

Don't know if it means boil as in hot water or boil as in 'better see a doctor' Constantino Rocca Shocker Played a round of golf yesterday - had a complete Constantino. Right up the council gritter! Currant Bun Son He's awfully proud of his currant. Cuts and Scratches Matches Do you have any cuts? D Daffy Down Dilly Silly e's a bit daffy. Daffy Down Dilly is a line of dolls from Madam Alexander. Daft and Barmy Army He was promoted in the daft. Daisy Roots Boots You can't go out in the rain without your daisies.

From old cockney song Boiled Beef and Carrots - pronounced Darby.

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Dicky Bird Word He left without so much as a dicky. Dicky Dirt Shirt Put your dicky dirt on before the company gets here. Dig in the Grave Shave A quick shower and dig and I'll be ready to go.

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Ding Dong Song Everyone gather round the piano for a ding dong. Dre is a rap artist Dog and Bone Phone She's always on the dog. Douglas Hurd is a politician.

Edna Everage aka Dame Edna is a star, darling!

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Edward Heath Teeth He got smacked in the Edwards. He's bloody elephant's. From semi-obscure evil Chinese cult with tendency to inaccuracy, therefore appropriate. Fine and Dandy Brandy A small drop of fine would suit me. Gertie Gitana Banana I like a gertie on my cereal. Possibly an old music hall star Giggle and Titter Bitter beer ere.