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Got the dir as a gift, parents business couldnt get it to work so it sat till i got it, then had to order a cord. Finally plug everything up Youll need: your dir Crossover cable Primary router It will atleast need wireless bridging!

ICS or Internet Connection Sharing is also an option most adapters have, personally couldnt get that one so why i did bridge :p Almost there, we can take the crossover cable and plug it into the ethernet port and any one of the 4 lan ports on your dir Now open a web browser and log into your dir default Next will be Network settings, all you really need to do is make sure your dirs ip address falls into the same as your primaries example: primary is Finally we can move on to the Advanced tab, on the left youll see QoS engine, click that, will go to a window with traffic shaping and what not, just look for the box next to "Enable QoS engine" and make sure its unchecked, then back on your left hand side near the bottom of the list youll see "Advanced network" Click that to go into the last window.

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Make sure the UPnP box is unchecked and that should be it Since your dir is getting its internet from your PC when its off the router cant get internet D: Use the exact same SSID for both routers as well as matching security settings so that if other devices are connected to the dir when your pc goes off they will still stay connected, just to the primary router instead, then when your PC is on the dir is extending your network letting other devices decide which to use depending on signal strength.

Sorry if its a book. Have to remember that the host router needs to have true wireless bridging or repeatercapabilities, most DLink routers don't carry this option any more so this might not work for all.

Prefer a small footprint but regular size router would be as good. Quote from: gedit on July 26, , AM.

SMF 2.