Korra Book 4 Poster Queen

Korra book 4 poster queen

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Wielding absolute power over the Earth Kingdom, [1] [2] Hou-Ting was more concerned with her personal comfort and possessions than with the welfare of her people. In an effort to capitalize on the changes brought on by Harmonic Convergence , Hou-Ting ordered the capture of Ba Sing Se 's new airbenders and conscripted them into her army , training them in a base underneath her temple.

When this was discovered, Team Avatar freed the airbenders, leading the queen to label the team as wanted criminals throughout her kingdom. However, she was critical of her father's decision to cede Earth Kingdom land to form the United Republic of Nations.

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During her reign, the Dai Li reemerged as a powerful political force within the kingdom. Unlike her father, Hou-Ting took a more active role ruling the Earth Kingdom, but many of her rulings proved unpopular.

Korra book 4 poster queen

Active uprisings sprouted across the Earth Kingdom, making administrative tasks such as tax collection difficult, [1] and inequality in the city increased, with the lower ring of Ba Sing Se deteriorating even further into decay and poverty. Following the emerging of new airbenders after the Harmonic Convergence of AG, Hou-Ting ordered the Dai Li to capture them so she could conscript them into an army of her own.

Korra book 4 poster queen

Although she never intended to keep her end of the deal, Hou-Ting agreed to help Korra find the new airbenders if the Avatar retrieved her tax payments from a village plagued by bandits. Hou-Ting met Avatar Korra for the first time when the latter requested an audience with her to ask for help to track down the emerging airbenders.

When Gun presented the Avatar to her, the queen ignored them and continued to shout orders at her servants to properly construct the royal garden in her desired image. Eventually turning to acknowledge Korra, she immediately deduced that she wanted something from her.

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When Korra started to formulate her request, the Queen dismissed her right to ask her for any favors, since she blamed Korra's predecessor for stealing Earth Kingdom land to form the United Republic and Korra herself for not caring that the remainder of the Earth Kingdom was falling to ruin, with roving bands of barbarians raiding villages in the countryside and some of her subjects refusing to pay their taxes.

After Korra did manage to ask for help finding the new airbenders in Ba Sing Se, Hou-Ting declared that Korra needed to bring her a vault full of tax money sitting in a town south of Ba Sing Se before she would even consider helping the Avatar. After Korra completed the task and asked the monarch about the airbenders, Hou-Ting denied their existence and insisted that Korra and her party leave the city. However, the Avatar did not believe her and criticized her for extorting her own subjects.

Annoyed by Korra's remarks, Hou-Ting ordered her to leave her presence, which the Avatar did, but not before warning the queen that she was not leaving the city until she found the airbenders.

Korra book 4 poster queen

The next day, Hou-Ting approached Korra and her friends and had Gun deliver claims of airbenders in the Yang Province before she reminded them that it was exactly the news they sought. Just as Hou-Ting began to wonder if they would be leaving, she began sneezing in mid-sentence and demanded that Gun tell her if animal was in her presence, as it would be "[his] head" should one be in the vicinity. Afterward, she told the team that Gun would provide them any assistance in packing for an evening departure, but was told by Asami Sato that the airship needed repairs, which would be completed by tomorrow.

The queen walked away from this, continuing to sneeze. Hou-Ting threatened Korra with "the force of [her] entire kingdom " when the Avatar freed the airbenders.

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That night, Hou-Ting caught Korra, Tenzin , and Bumi attempting to leave the city with her airbending regiment, which had been kept in custody beneath her temple. She declared that because the airbenders were the kingdom's citizens and thus under her control, taking them would be considered an act of war, and also threatened the Avatar with "the force of [her] entire kingdom".

Upon Korra's refusal to turn over the airbenders, Hou-Ting ordered the Dai Li to attack, but the agents' efforts proved to be unsuccessful as Team Avatar escaped with her army. As they flew away, Hou-Ting again ordered the airships brought to her, but was left sneezing as Oogi 's fur fell from the sky. Sometime later, Hou-Ting had received word that the Avatar had been captured and she impatiently demanded Gun to know when Korra's arrival was scheduled.

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After being informed that it would take a couple of hours, she was displeased to find out that there were four people who wanted an audience with her in order to personally deliver a captured Mako and Bolin. Although she did not want to deal with bounty hunters, she ordered Gun to let the group in regardless, after being informed that they had information regarding the whereabouts of "her" airbenders. Unaware of the true identity of the people she was dealing with, Hou-Ting struck a deal with Zaheer: information about the airbenders in return for Korra, as the Avatar's imprisonment in the Earth Kingdom would lead to a world war.

Hou-Ting was suffocated by Zaheer , who used his airbending to remove all the air from her lungs. After later being told by a Dai Li agent that the airship bringing Korra had crashed in the Si Wong Desert , Hou-Ting grew angry and promptly ordered the deployment of another airship to collect the Avatar. She grew even more indignant when the Red Lotus barged into her throne room unannounced and revealed that they had eavesdropped on her conversation.

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Stating that the Avatar was still in her custody and that the act of spying on her would land them in prison, Hou-Ting gave them the option to trade their freedom for the information in regards to the airbenders. When Zaheer refused, she ordered her Dai Li agents to take them down, though her bodyguards were swiftly taken care of themselves.

Being left alone, she faced Zaheer herself, boldly saying that he would not dare to attack a queen. However, Hou-Ting grew fearful when the Red Lotus leader announced that he did not believe in queens and subsequently used his airbending to remove the air from her lungs, suffocating her.

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Hou-Ting appeared to her great nephew, King Wu , as vision and berated him for his attempts to transform the Earth Kingdom into a democracy. Hou-Ting's great nephew, Earth King Wu , received visions of the queen in the Foggy Swamp three years after her death. Wu saw the late queen mocking him for his failures as king, and telling him that stability was more important to the Earth Kingdom than the democratic changes he was trying to bring to the nation.

Hou-Ting was temperamental, rude, and demanding, with a somewhat sour demeanor. Unlike her father, she held a low opinion of the Avatar due to Aang 's part in taking the old Fire Nation colonies on Earth Kingdom soil and turning them into the United Republic of Nations.

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She was also deceptive and manipulative, promising to help Korra find airbenders in her city, only to later lie to the Avatar by claiming the reports were false. She was extremely possessive of anything she saw as hers, from her government's tax money [1] to the captive airbenders, the latter of which she saw not as free individuals, but as property of the Earth Kingdom.

She considered her opinion the sole truth that needed to be respected at all times and was willing to execute those who committed high treason, regardless of their age. Hou-Ting was also volatile, displaying outbursts of rage at the slightest provocation, from simple things like topiary placement or the presence of animals to more serious matters such as the escape of the Ba Sing Se airbenders from beneath her temple.

Korra book 4 poster queen

Hou-Ting was also quite short-sighted and ignorant of wider issues and consequences of actions she undertook. For example, she declared the Avatar an outlaw and tried to have her captured with the intent of imprisoning her without regard for the fact that this would cause the other nations to rise up against her and the Earth Kingdom unless she was released, something she remained ignorant of until Zaheer pointed it out.

In spite of this, Hou-Ting was pliant enough to listen to those who humbled themselves before her and supplied her with sufficient logic to sway her opinion. This convinced her to hand the Avatar over to the Red Lotus under the pretext of avoiding an international incident, though she later reneged from the deal when the Red Lotus violated protocol by eavesdropping on her conversations with the Dai Li and barging into her throne room.

However, first and foremost was her belief in her own self-preservation above all else that even at times bordered on self-worship.

Korra book 4 poster queen

As queen, she was untouchable in her mind and brushed off any possibilities of regicide as inconceivable. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Korra book 4 poster queen

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July 11, Episode 5. Nickelodeon 30 June Retrieved on July 1, August 8, Episode Episode 4. August 1, Episode 9. August 22, October 3, July 18, Episode 7. Bosco eaten by Hou-Ting?!

Well obviously people are gonna get more angry at people who hurt characters that we knew personally, we all liked Bosco but we never rea Isn't it based off of Far Eastern monarchies? They threat ed their monarchs like this.

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