Kindle Previewer Has Failed To Compile The Book

Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

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By Aaron Shepard

Go to Page The Kindle previewer spits out a list of things among which I find this line: Warning prcgen :WMobi could not be built with HD images because it exceeds the maximum file size limit. Falling back to Mobi building with SD images But I don't understand this. What HD images does this refer to? As far as I can tell that's the only warning.

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I've done this many times and never run into this problem before. What's changed?

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Am I missing something really obvious? The file size of the epub book itself is KB. I would suggest that the file size is in pixels. How big is the image in pixels?

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As you say the error message should not be fatal. I would suggest you use Sigil to cut the book in half and see which half has the problem. Perhaps this can narrow it down. Thanks Dale I'll try that. The pixel size of the image is unfortunately not the problem - it's the recommended size and when I reduced it, that made no difference. I'm going to try your suggestion to compile bits of the book to see if the problem is located in a particular section. I reinserted all the "author" "date" etc metadata, and I redid and reinserted the cover image.

Somewhere in there I accidentally fixed whatever the problem was. I've possibly discovered the source of the problem and it's weird. I have two identical EPUB files.

One is stored in my dropbox folder.

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The other on my desktop. If I attempt to convert the Dropbox one, the converter refuses to do it. The identical desktop file - no problem. Make of that what you will.

Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

Originally Posted by Klip. NotJohn I thought that filesize seemed small too - but it really is KB The image is a placeholder image until I've designed the cover - it's just a white rectangle with some black text on it.

It really is only 18KB Anyway - I did manage to convert the thing once it was no longer stored in Dropbox see my post above with this same cover image so I don't think the file size or the pixel size of the image was the problem.

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I suspect the fact that Dropbox was overwriting the file while it was being converted made the converter software throw out errors that were not there - at least, that's what I'm guessing. Very possibly. It wouldn't be the only thing that has issues with file editing conflicts when doing realtime sync.

Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

Dropbox does sometimes cause compilation failures. When it does I leave it for a few minutes and try again, usually successfully. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

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Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

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Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

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Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

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Kindle previewer has failed to compile the book

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Quote: Originally Posted by Klip Oh Find More Posts by Notjohn. Find More Posts by eschwartz. Track Posts by eschwartz via RSS. Probably Dropbox Dropbox does sometimes cause compilation failures.

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