Kindle Lending Library 1 Book A Month

Kindle lending library 1 book a month

This benefit is also available to Fire tablet owners, but it can be hard to find. The Kindle Owner's Lending Library started with only around five thousand titles and is currently at over 1,, Kindle ebooks, according to my Kindle's all-categories display for the lending library.


You can read one Kindle ebook from the KOLL per calendar month, without dealing with waiting times or due dates, but the only way to do so is from your Kindle or Fire tablet.

After I turn on my Kindle and navigate to the home page, I press the "cart" symbol on the menu bar. This takes you to a page that defaults to showing all the titles in KOLL. If you select the "Refine" option you can drill down to specific categories.

Kindle lending library 1 book a month

It is a lot harder to explain where to find the Kindle Owner's Lending Library on the Fire tablets due to the significant menu changes Amazon made with each major firmware update, but if you keep looking you will find it.

Turn on your Fire tablet, then navigate to the Books menu, and select the option to visit the Kindle Store. The next step is to open the menu and select the option for KOLL, but the location of that menu varies from one Fire tablet to the next.

On my mother's really old Kindle Fire 8.

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But on my late model Fire tablet, I had to swipe my finger from the left edge of the screen to open the menu, and then scroll down to find the option for KOLL. I tried to borrow a book, and all books stated that they are Kindle Unlimited which invloves a fee, correct?

Amazon Tip: Kindle Owner's Lending Library

My old Kindle model did not require you to join Kindle Unlimited,. Do you have Prime? Not trying to be aggro here; I just wanted to pin down the issue.

Kindle Owners' Lending Library

I have a book checked out of the KOLL and would like to return it. When I follow the above instructions for Kinder owners, the KIndle Owners Lending Library is no longer an option in the drop down menu from the store cart icon.

Kindle lending library 1 book a month

I have the new Paperwhite KIndle Firmwear version is KIndle 5. Can you help?

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Thank you for this helpful info. Now I know how to access it.

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Kindle lending library 1 book a month

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